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American Beauty – 8 other destinations in some US trips

The middle of winter is the perfect time to plan your next vacation. I have assembled a list of destinations for a special visit to the land of opportunity. Cold rain. The sun sets early. Work days begin in the morning and ending late into the night. The calendar with holidays is not awaited only […]

Childish, baseless and ridiculous: 10 games for the busy manager

Gadgets that will make your life more comfortable and tidy, but will help you break the ice at any business meeting The manager;s life is difficult. The long hours, dedication required, need to be available and responsive around the clock. The world is so demanding, we need all the help we can get from outside, […]

6 Easy Steps to follow in the morning

Routine neat, smart applications, full meals and a lot of proteins, but lots of determination – whatever it takes to transform a night owl tired in an energized person. Ready for the challenge? Always you suspect that if you can be able to wake up with an hour or two earlier each morning, your day […]

What business is complex, dairy cows or troubled kids?

Boston matrix is ​​a business analysis tool developed for corporations and is working also great for small businesses. So what is the connection between stories of cows and children, and what has to interest you from Boston? All in next post. Boston matrix was created somewhere at beginning of 1968, by the good people at […]

Human capital management: This will help your employees succeed

Dysfunction at work is for two reasons: either they cannot do the job, or they do not want. How will you know to diagnose who belongs to which group, and how to help those who try but cannot. For many retail managers, the most baffling part of their job is the people part. The same […]

There is no second chance to make a first impression

Showcase is a first and important thing that customer sees at your store, so how do you ensure that shop window is decorated right? Wave Joseph, the display manager for Visual, shares the secrets. Showcase is a fundamental meeting point between the customer and the store. The window is responsible for creating the first impression […]

Weight – steps to lose it

How to lose weight and get in shape while working around the clock We all work hard. Most of us also love what they do. We also have a family, children that require attention and constant investment, hobbies, friends and more. From the long list above especially career requires us many hours also from our […]

Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled- and pay: the tax and Holiday Gifts

What can be deducted as an expense and what not, can deduct VAT for a gift to employees, some gifts are considered as deferred amount of redundancy? Useful information for a pampering employer. A month before the holidays, and the hottest topic of conversation at the corner cafe and office corridors is a long-awaited gift […]

5 easy steps to implement ERP solution for business

Implementation of new solution in business sounds like a complicated process? We focus on tips that will make this project a lot easier So you’ve decided to invest in purchasing an ERP solution for the business. You picked up the phone, meet with sales people, read reviews and have chosen a smart solution that you […]

3 things to think about before launching promotion

The temptation to make deals for the holidays is obvious, but just before to run and cut prices it is important to stop and plan the entire process. Setting goals for selecting benefits – three things to think about. Summer holidays is at the middle, but the ads announcing back to school campaigns that have […]