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5 benefits of sending digital invoices via email

Good for customers, good for business, good for the environment.

5 good reasons to break the paperwork and use digital invoices.

Some of the automatic teller homes on the market allow computerized invoices sent directly by e-mail instead of using post. At first glance, this feature does not seem to be a revolutionary, but use this ability modest savings will allow your business to many different levels and will do well for you, your customers and the environment

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Several trees remain earthbound [n t; not the ground]

Maybe it’s not huge amounts of paper, but ultimately, if the economic measures on a sufficiently long period of time, suddenly find that quite a few A4 sheets are spent each year on invoices. Add count and envelopes and printer ink saved for other goals that really matter – and you get not save fewer trees and pollution diminished. In addition, the paper economy can position your business among those who heed environmental protection, and recently, green trend is received favorably by many customers, who will be glad to help you in this imtreprindere to feel that they in turn did something, by signing the agreement for sending digital invoices.

More money staying in your pocket

The savings described above are not only good environment is also a good for your balance at reducing the cost of paper, envelopes and toner also adds hours of work – no need to enter each invoice in a separate envelope , write address one by one and go out for a walk up the post. Electronic invoice is sent by pressing a button and it costs almost nothing.

I ate, I drank

Most customers leave the store receipt on the counter. Those who bother to take him tend to throw in one bag or wallet and push him, and often to simply throw it in the nearest trash can. Either way, in most cases, these bills can not be recycled.

E-mail is difficult to lose. Gone are the days when we cleanse our email box morning and evening. Today inbox of a user environment includes all correspondence entered once the box was opened. If the bill receives its email account, the customer can recover any transaction that he wants. For business, on the other hand, are more advantages. For example, all payments are recorded so that the customer can come to you with false pretenses. Moreover, customer consent to receive invoices by e-mail gives you the opportunity to know them email address so you can send emails with notifications to more people deodada – which leads us to the following points.

Simply because I can talk

Consumer exposure, especially repeated, is a marketing objective. Many companies look for reasons to connect with their customers in an attempt to post events and offers us, and ultimately to bring more customers returning.

Companies who choose to send digital receipts by e-mail clients do not feel compelled to reduce the laconic message to one sole purpose of sending receipts. Beyond sending receipt is recommended that e-mail to contain also publications and other marketing messages designed to stimulate the client to continue to acquire and in your future

Collection of e-mail clients

With the first two advantages discussed here will be enough to convince customers to enroll in a program receiving e-mail receipts of tranyactii. Collecting e-mail client has an equal value in gold, because, as I wrote above, you can use e-mail as a marketing tool in order to effectively increase revenue from customers returning. Many organizations pay a fortune to get illegally, lists of e-mail, and you, as the sender of digital receipts, do this for free and legally.

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