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Coaching and the world of retail: sales growth through training

What differs regular training workout for vinyari and what advantages can small business owners who choose coaching for their team? 2 words: Increase profits

The quality of the store, and no matter if it is one of the largest networks or join a small boutique, is measured by his crew. Activities professionals, attentive and polite is essential not only the good name of the business, they actively contribute to increasing store profits. So how do you maximize the productivity of your staff, and if this possible? Doug Pliner, Dynamic Experiences Group CEO, is convinced that the answer is yes. In an interview for the website intuited [N T: so appears in text] he explains that the road to riches, or at least to better profits, start with training or coaching as it is known today.

So what is coaching and how it differs from standard training?

Pliner explains that while most store owners and managers think they are coaches, they in fact only teach or train their staff. “Teaching is the transmission of information. Training is the process of information transfer and exercise the new instrument / abilities. Unlike other training is to exchange experience, knowledge and perspective of the manager in order to develop and improve employee performance and, finally, the performance of the store

allenamento duro coaching and the world of retail: sales growth through training Coaching and the world of retail: sales growth through training

Pliner said. The essence of coaching is to give employees a proactive feedback in order to make strive always for the better.

What advantages can obtain small business owners sin training their staff?

“Advantages extraordinarily high,” says Pliner. According to him, it is important to focus on two essential points: improving behavior and team performance increase sales in the store until it comply with standards set by the owner. In most cases, says Pliner, sellers simply do not meet the standards that management has determined that it does not expect to succeed. Staff training and improving their behavior with clients can increase sales by 10-20 percent, says Pliner, without the need to invest in marketing or salary increase. What if your team is already aligned with the behavior that you want him? And then, says Pliner, there is also room for improvement. I worked with a toy shop where I learned the sellers provide to customers looking for a birthday gift, more than one Prodis. Moreover, I have guided how to encourage customers to buy more than one product. More I learned how to encourage customers to buy more than one product

It is a behavior that management did not store also asked its employees. A result of the training for the manager and staff availability to meet the challenge, the shop owner saw an improvement in sales value by 15% on average. “

How affecting morale exercise?

People appreciate the extra attention manager, says Pliner. “The owners of small shops have said that sellers are happy to undergo training because they want to do a better job of seeing that the owners invest so much; that all staff are required to take account of their performance, strengthens their motivation.

What to do if you encounter an employee who wishes to improve its capabilities? The good news is that most employees will exceed its initial refusal – and those who will not do this will have to leave.

Tips for preparing the training program

As a first step, Pliner recommends that you take the time to observe your staff. owners of small shops / businesses invest so much time management, as simply not mau have time to work with sellers and examine their behavior, “he says. His recommendation Pliner” dedicated your time to this issue and establish once and ooră the timetable for it. Next, focus on employee behavior and their actions, not his personality. Do not tell your employees what was wrong. also important are the behavior and actions you want them implement and highlight these in front of them. “criticism causes employees to defend themselves and to shut in them. If you call the behavior and actions desired by you, the workers will agree to listen. Moreover, the new Niche ASTEL show them. ” In conclusion, Pliner says, “Your caechipa is important to implement what they learned at the first opportunity that arises, and even more important is for the manager to give him immediate feedback for the new behavior. This is the only way that workers will turn what they have learned in a device that I use every day. After you give an employee feedback highlights Pliner, it is important to seek immediate implementation. “

How important is the subject of follow-up?

“He is critical,” says Pliner. “In the long run no coaching and feedback have improved performance, but the application of the learned. The only way to ensure that employees apply what they have learned is tracking. This way Manager offers also the opportunity to observe and arecunoaşte efforts made by vendors. ” However, according to a Pliner, a worker who strives to learn how to work is not necessarily one that reaches performance and deserve a reward for his efforts. “You must give careful not ingrained in employees to do something only when a face bonus. granting of rewards is key to smart ocombinaţie between focusing on their behaviors and actions and achieving results such as increased sales.”

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