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American Beauty – 8 other destinations in some US trips

The middle of winter is the perfect time to plan your next vacation. I have assembled a list of

destinations for a special visit to the land of opportunity.

Cold rain. The sun sets early. Work days begin in the morning and ending late into the night.

The calendar with holidays is not awaited only by children. Winter has many shortcomings,

but it also has two important advantages:

1.Eating carbohydrates is turning into fat and create many disadvantages but in winter the

body burn more quickly because of low temperature.

2.Plan your Easter holiday or summer vacation. It's time to invest in real research, analyses

options Rome-Paris- New York and even book flights and hotels in advance at lower cost

Under paragraph 2 of the above mentioned benefits, find a list of potential destinations to

visit the land of all opportunities, usually not listed for Israeli tourists. To improve the

experience, we offer you a link to each paragraph for viewing in Google – so you can check

carefully. Fasten your seatbelts, we take off!

Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City, located, as the name implies, somewhere in the ocean off the coast of New

Jersey, is the perfect destination for a family trip. Region (Take a deep breath, it's going to

be long):'Ocean City is the family beach resort for people looking to escape the hustle and

bustle of everyday life activities, tailored to the interests of all type of guests'. Jump with

enthusiasm? Atlantic City, the Las Vegas of the east coast, is a short driving distance of 20

km. Want more bonus? New York is within two hours of driving. Click here to jump to Ocean

City in Google Street View.

Kissimmee, Florida

The charming town founded in the middle of the 19th century, draw the name from the Indian

name Water That Last. Kissimmee perfect family holiday. The nearby parks of Orlando:

Disney World, Universal Studios and the Water World ensure abundance of activities for

children. In addition, you can enjoy hiking in nature reserves, diving, and even facilities for

tours in marshes. Click here for more.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, one of the richest cities in Arizona, offers tourists a dizzying array of options.

Amateur of nature? You are welcome to climb the surrounding mountains, flowing rivers for

rafting leave, or relax in the silence of the desert. Urban type? Shopping in Scottsdale -you

can do to your credit card to beg for rest. Play golf at the best playgrounds in the world and

enjoy the lively scene of restaurant or to expand the horizons find many art galleries

scattered around the city. Find more here.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts Cape Cod Coast

The coast of Cape Cod spans nearly on 900 miles; Sea lovers can have a wet dream – and

seafood. The area is famous for oysters and lobsters. In addition, watching whale provides

an exhilarating experience of the natural world, you can play golf (course), boating kayaking,

sailing and enjoy the quaint villages and picturesque towns (Do not skip Provincetown).

Want to see more for yourself? Click here for a walk in Orleans with Google Street View.

Marblemount, Washington

If you like to go in a mountain scenery, we would recommend you to consider Diablo Lake.

The small town is located at the foot of Marblemount National Park Northern Rapids (North

Cascades National Park) and is the optimal destination for those who wish to surround

themselves in the wild, and prefer a calm holiday, but also adventurous.

Aspen, Colorado Cliff Hikers

Attractive and beautiful ski resort in the summer. The place where skates are caught in the

warmer months and you find activities as snowboard, mountain biking, adventurous rafting

trips, gondola rides, fishing, mining tours, tickets balloons and more. In Aspen you can go on

day trips to nearby wineries (Colorado- there are more than 70 wineries) or proceed to

Denver, capital of Colorado. (Photo credit: Jessie Varner). View Aspen and click here

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the most popular beaches on the east coast and a

favorite destination for summer vacation for many Americans. Beyond the scenic coast,

there are plenty of exciting leisure activities: concerts, amusement parks, fishing, sailing and

surfing are just some of the options available. Nickname, "Golf Capital of the World",

discloses another preferred activity – 250 tracks offered are paradise for lovers of the genre.

Want to walk on the beach? Click here.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee are famous cities, but in local terms the city Gatlinburg is another

important attraction. Gatlinburg is located near the National Park "Great Smoky Mountains"

(Great Smoky Mountain National Park) and offers a variety of sports activities in nature. You

can slip in Omega while rafting, pedal a bike, climb mountains and especially try to escape

from everyday preoccupations. Gatlinburg trip, for Google Street View press here.

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