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A deep breath: 7 ways to free yourself from the pressures Program

Business owners live their business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even they have to stop and sometimes just simply breathe. I picked for you 7 simple tips with easy deployment that will help you recharge your batteries.

Whether you are owners of a restaurant, a store or a law office, one thing is certain – invest in this business and keep 200% of 100% of your time. While enormous commitment of business owners towards their projects is clear, it is important to beware of exhaustion. Working 24 of 24 has a high price, perceived personal business, health and family, and it is very important to take care of yourself before reaching the breaking point. To this end, we have compiled seven tips to help you steal a few minutes of silence necessary, even in a very busy daily schedule.

a deep breath: 7 ways to free yourself from the pressures program A deep breath: 7 ways to free yourself from the pressures Program                     7                                                   1

Treat yourself to an evening meal properly

How many times a month do you find yourself grabbing a Shaorma standing fast or settle for something that someone forgot to keep in the fridge at work, while checking emails? Try adding in your schedule, and once a week, a quiet dinner, maybe even a nice restaurant away from the mobile phone. A relaxing meal with the family or a good friend to help you recharge your batteries with energy after a difficult day.

Talk to someone you love

As a business owner, who lives and breathes for her 24/7, it is likely your child to be in the spotlight in most discussions both at work and in personal life. However, in this tense period, a personal conversation, heart to heart with someone close can help in lowering stress levels lower. So when the madness ordinary everyday gets a little more intense, it is recommended to pick up the phone and call your partner [of life, not business], a good friend or a parent and for proper a little chat about anything. Even a brief conversation with someone close can help you recharge.

Arrange in an attractive desktop

Either by adding a bouquet of flowers or an image that you like to watch or curtains, there are plenty of creative and inexpensive ways to make an upgrade workspace. If you spend long hours in the office deserves, even tried to be pleasant and inspirational – there is no reason to sit in front of a white wall all day.

Go out for lunch to fresh air

If you eat normally lunch at the computer, trying to steal a little time away from the office – especially in times where you feel particularly stressed. Scientists at the University of Sussex have found that a meal in the fresh air significantly increase the level of satisfaction of employees in their workplace. The researchers found that the ideal place for lunch is on the seashore / river / lake, but also a sandwich on a park bench is effective in raising moralulului. Instead, lunch in the office is responsible for significant damage indicelelui the welfare of the employees.

So next time you’re stressed, take the sandwich and go out to get some air.

Read bedtime

No business owner who does not know the following situation: you go to bed collapsed from exhaustion at the end of a busy day and you want a soothing sleep. But even when the eyes are closed, thoughts not stop.

How should we handle this? simply develop a relaxing routine before bedtime.

Instead think about the tasks for tomorrow or watch again in emails, read a book, preferably something you’re interested in, which will help to “turn off” the brain that deals with business and you let transported into another world. And NO, browse Facebook on your mobile phone is not considered “fighting”. More and more studies show that reading screens with LED leads to difficulties falling asleep. Stick to old form reading – reading a book, as always, and this will ensure a peaceful sleep and a more productive day tomorrow.

Out of town at end of week

Sometimes, all you need to clean your head, it’s a short vacation out of town. While we all dream about a week or two of vacation in an exotic location, even two days without daily routine can do wonders to recharge the batteries. A cottage pleasant in the north or south, a hotel room in a nice area or even a tent modest beach with someone who loves you will help break the routine daily, to reduce the tension and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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