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There is no second chance to make a first impression

Showcase is a first and important thing that customer sees at your store, so how do you ensure that shop window is decorated right? Wave Joseph, the display manager for Visual, shares the secrets.

Showcase is a fundamental meeting point between the customer and the store. The window is responsible for creating the first impression essential in the future relationship between your business and passing by potential customers. Showcase can attract potential customers in, or cause them to move on to the next shop. “Showcase” highlights Joseph, “is one of the most powerful forces in commerce, is responsible for pulling the audience into the business at a critical moment.”

So how do you ensure a showcase for your shop formatted correctly? We have gathered 5 points should not be missed:

Defining target groups: a correct definition of the target audience should accompany every business decision, and as expected has implications for design showcase. Shop aimed at an adult audience has a select conservative line and clean, while the shop intended for young audiences should speak a completely different language. “It is important to do homework and understand not only what in the store attracts audience but also how would attract – and accordingly to build the concept and design language display window,” explains Joseph.

Concept: do not take off without deciding in advance on the subject that will be displayed on the window. “The design theme should be born out of a story. If there is no story, if there is not any theme that connects the display, you get a display window that looks disordered and less inviting,” says Joseph. He explains that the underlying theme is the stock in the store, it should be presented attractively, and crystallizes around the content and design. This story is talking about dolls. “I build characters in the story. For me, the styling of the dolls should be a ‘Serving suggestion’ to the buyer, giving the whole idea and beyond the specific doll was wearing a dress.”

Visual materials: Showcase consists of three dimensions – the window itself that serves as a platform for promoting; Labels with marketing content and design elements in their own right; The exhibition space of the window which displays the merchandise and the background window. “Once it was accepted to use the portable panels as background monolithic. Today is a slightly different direction retrying to give customers a glimpse into the store space, to the scene inside. Often the background display window is designed elements hang from the ceiling,” says Joseph.

Choosing products: It is important to presenting mix product right in the window. “Obviously you have to put stars on the window,” says Joseph, however, he emphasizes with the need to be responsive to public opinion: “All major companies, including those that build the display showcase with six months ahead are leaving some space for trends that emerge during the season” . In addition, Joseph offers to leave space even for products that are leading the list of sold in the store, but your point of view it is important to present them like business image.

Lighting: It is important to have the lighting display and highlight the products inside the window. And more about the lighting: “There is a difference like night and day between a store located in the mall and a shop on the street,” says Joseph. “Business located in the mall are benefit from the lighting fix and focused. Shop located on the street is dealing with the sunlight that blurs the light from the store.” What to do? Adopting creative solutions such as building a small awning shade on the window display, allowing better control of the lighting in the window.

In conclusion, notes Joseph, that he felt that the most important element is the creativity. “Even small shops can design showcase inviting and intriguing,” he says, emphasizing: “You do not have to take a designer. You do not have to invest a lot. Sometimes small and simple ideas make all the difference. Playing with shaped stickers on window, selecting unique accessories, displaying your best products attractively – all it takes is creativity. “

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