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Weight – steps to lose it

How to lose weight and get in shape while working around the clock

We all work hard. Most of us also love what they do. We also have a family, children that require attention and constant investment, hobbies, friends and more.

From the long list above especially career requires us many hours also from our free time, sometimes even weekends and holidays. For most of us working day is at least 12 hours and sometimes even more.

Among all the demands of work, family and others, it is very easy to lose control of our health status. We tell ourselves we are young, we push ourselves to the future for  enjoying the fruits of our hard work and our laurels and we think we will rest later . We rush to meetings and prefer to eat junk food on the way because it’s faster and more convenient. We banishing ourselves from consideration, prefer to pay attention to everything and everyone else from our face. This disregard of ourselves would bring us in the point to pay exact a heavy price. Literally.

Who among us has not decided that this year they will reduce weight, start eating better and will take shape? These statements are often daunting and frustrating, because we are not working. Months go by, another year ends – and is the best if we stayed with previous weight and we didn’t put more weight. So what are we doing? How to motivate ourselves for a real change? As in life, the great cause come in small steps. The key change is gradual changes in daily routine.

4 steps to follow to be in shape

Have a meeting, go

Perhaps meetings are more dangerous than cigarette smoking. But that’s what most of us do all the time at work – sitting at computer, sitting in the car, sitting in front of a client or in meetings. The change needed here is simple: start walking! Should you buy a pedometer or use applications that measure steps on the mobile phone. Set a goal of 10,000 steps a day, which is really not in the sky. Learn what steps you need. It is impossible to reach the target if you cannot measure it. When you see in front of you, black on a monitor, the number of steps you did every day you commit to the goal. If you’re the competitive type, there are applications that offer comparisons with other users and giving you motivation.

It’s easy to walk. What’s hard is finding the time and opportunity to do it. If you work from home, you can use a walker during phone calls, or after hours when watching TV. If you work in an office, you can make some of the meetings on face-to-face talks in motion or maintain mobile phone calls and go for a walk. There are creative ways to gain steps. If you hate running, play yourself a song that makes you move, increase the volume and dance like no one is looking. (Our favourite song attached at end of the article). If you work in a society which emphasizes health and fitness, worth request management to put a treadmill in your office, they can ignite the idea and maybe would love to adopt.

Strong muscles

Movement itself will help you feel better and to burn some calories, but it will not make you thinner as specific activities can. This will require you at least 30 minutes a day, three times a week. You’ll love training – less weight (that can be added to the routine of walking), abdominal muscles, ball or floor exercises, Pilates or yoga, and even jump rope – and is just a start.

She sells chocolate

Start eating smaller amounts more frequently throughout the day. Fill the fridge with fruit that you like, take them with you and eat in times of famine during the day. It is also possible to make them delicious smoothies, nutritious and refreshing. Think about your health when you eat and try to avoid foods high in fat, sugar, colourings and preservatives. Do not mess with the diets that usually raise the weight back. And it’s okay if you eat ice cream or chocolate occasionally. Simply make efforts to maintain balance and include a note in your menu elements.

There is a bedroom

You cannot catch up on lost sleep. So whenever you can, try to sleep seven or eight hours a night. Remove electronic devices from the bedroom, your mind will feel ready for relaxation and sleep, there will be no distractions and the room will be quiet and without unnecessary stimuli.

The writer of the original article showed that by adopting simple recommendations above, she lost 7 pounds of weight in six months. A significant decline but definitely insane. During the first year she was sleeping better, have more energy for her and she felt more essential for a long time. We think it’s worth to try the experience, no excessive investment and the prospect of healthy living, weight loss and fitness improvement and feeling, are guaranteed – You can start dancing on the song below: Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPf0YbXqDm0

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