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A classification for encouragement: 5 Techniques for keeping good workers

Whether you’re a proud owner of a new business or have already forgotten what most retailers did not have time to learn – there are some challenges that all business owners must deal. Keeping good workers, quality is one of them.

A high turnover of personnel is common in retail, as well as costs for employers: not less money and a considerable amount of time and headaches. What can be done to keep the best employees more time? I’ve compiled a list of five techniques to help you fight against human capital flight of your business.

17 A classification for encouragement: 5 Techniques for keeping good workers A classification for encouragement: 5 Techniques for keeping good workers 17

Take the time to sort the good workers and employees

This advice sounds obvious, but when the store opening is just around the corner or when increasing the number of employees in the shop for holiday feasts, it is very likely to sit in front of a candidate who does not meet all the requirements, but to convince himself it will be okay. This conviction will cost you dearly. It is important to be satisfied with the candidates we hire and how they fit in the workplace and the nature of the business. So how do you do? By face to face interviews. CV countries tell you what the candidate wanted to know, but nothing about the candidate’s personality and not allow you to evaluate in person. Screening resumes and asking the right questions during a job interview are essential and they are more art than science. If you feel your senses sharp enough not deserve to consult with a business partner or a colleague. Small changes in how interviews can make a big difference.

Look reality in the eye

Knowledge of professional goals and sometimes even the personality of your employees is essential to lead a stable business. If you own a shop or a restaurant, it is likely that most of your employees actually be students who dream about another career and that’s good. By recognizing reality – the opening of the store is to achieve your dream, not theirs – can foster an open and honest, and your employees will appreciate this.

This does not mean you have to settle for employees who do not intend to give 100% of themselves at work. This means that we must demonstrate flexibility in case of change of shift requests if it serves for learning, for example. A worker that the employer is supporting to achieve its objectives, it is likely to stay longer at work – at least until it will reach its key position is dreaming.

The door is always open

Even if it has not actually an office, have tried to maintain an open door policy. “Encourage employees to express their ideas, suggestions and concerns will help promote an environment where subordinates feel valued. When employees feel a real interest from employers with their ideas, is expected to shine in subjects that he is blind and they feel a stronger connection toward their jobs.

Know your employees

There are business owners who understand that this advice is obvious, and there are those who bothered to change with their workers more than 2 words after the initial interview. Aspirational level of knowledge should vary according to the work environment. If you manage small team of three people most likely you know about each more than if you manage 15 people. And in one case and in the other, if you make sure that you know a bit about your employees and you learned a little about the little things that characterize and concern, the atmosphere at work will be more pleasant and perhaps to some extent , fun.

We understand that dozens of employees who manage to find time for discussion dificltate one on one with each of the workers. Instead, you can, from time to time to drink a coffee with a few of them, or to sit with them at lunch. There is a chance that they do not agree this behavior – you are still the boss and a call can be intrusive.

From all that I have taught, I trained

Yes, we know you’re the boss, but nobody has a monopoly on wisdom. If you’ve done a good job and have hired personnel quality, there is a good chance that some of them have talents / skills that you do not have. To take advantage of this to benefit your business. There is nothing wrong in delegating responsibilities – and transferring project in the hands of a dedicated worker.

For example, if you own a clothing store and you are not too good at fighting window display, if one of your employees is a student in design – whether it will appoint him responsible showcase both ve you win . You get rid of a burdensome mission, the employee will be glad to have the opportunity to show their talents and tie and colleagues will appreciate that you’ve recunoacut talent. As everyone knows, valued employees are happy employees.

Finally, respect and admiration are two principles that are shared by all the techniques mentioned works about employee retention. If you decide to apply this tactic you will be able to build a happy and united team which will accompany you through time.

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