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7 steps in choosing house automatic teller [CAN] that matches your store

CAN is one of the cornerstones of a retail business. In addition to meeting the basic function of making payments, CAN CEs really allow intelligent management, monitoring and synchronization of all parties store: from inventory and sales to customer information – all in one place. The right choice of a suitable CAN is of great importance. CAN inappropriate to your needs quickly becomes a burden. Instead, a proper CAN will simplify and update the correct daily flow of your business – and in fact will help them be more profitable. In rmătorul post we will examine the steps of a house in the smart choice automatic teller [CAN] and its integration into business.

16 7 steps in choosing house automatic teller [CAN] that matches your store 7 steps in choosing house automatic teller [CAN] that matches your store 16

First step: Define your needs

Before doing market research before comparing prices, specifications, and even before Google key question “Counter Rosmt” It is important to stop and define exactly what are really their business needs. It is recommended to carry out a detailed list that includes all the capabilities, features, functions and services you need to run your business better cit .. For example: have a catalog that would allow the rapid introduction of products and cataloging their efficiency, support any form of payment, manage inventory, loyal customer club, effectively manage the procurement and still others. To this list you can come back whenever you compare different models of CAN.

To the extent that you want to replace your existing CAN in your business, it is mentioned in the list of all the existing problems and deficiencies. What makes you want to înlocuiasti?

Tip: It is recommended to add to the list all skills that you think your business will need in the future, such as, for example, extending slightly the number of branches, support for website online transactions and more others.

Step two: Make a list of equipment

Next on the list to be prepared to equipment is one that CAN you wish to have: what items you need and how many units of each. If you already have the hardware you need to prepare a list detailing all existing equipment in your business, specifying for each name, brand and model number. Thanks to this list, you can analyze variants CAN and you will note if or how well they match the hardware elements that you already have.

Tip: Should also to think and future equipment that will have to be procured in the future. Eg., Want printed receipts, or perhaps you prefer to send your customers e-mail receipts? Answers to these questions will help you prepare properly for the purchase CAN best suited for your business ...

Step Three: Decide on a budget

How much should I spend on a new CAN? This depends on the size of the business and the capabilities it needs. A great way to cut costs is to choose a SaaS model CAN computerized and traditional old modelulul SaaS or not to rent (Software as a Service) model that uses modern software that relies on cloud. This latter option requires a paid monthly subscription, rests with the supplier installation, maintenance and upgrading servers and infrastructure, and users benefit from its use.

Pay monthly subscription allows effective control of expenses monthly payment is based on number of subscribers. It’s expected decrease expenses. It is recommended to consider those companies which do not require a minimum period of subscription and exit penalties imposed on those who seek to terminate the contract with them.

COMAX program, for example, offers a simple agreement: CAN a complete package that includes software, hardware and installation at NIS 699 per month, with no obligation, no minimum and no exit penalties.

Tip: The Benefits of choosing a SaaS intelligent CAN extend far beyond the price:

  1. Due cloud business owner has access anytime to CAN and its data from any computer, from his business premises or outside it.
  2. This allows the system to do automatically COMAX software upgrades without impeding customers and users.

Step six: Install

Congratulations – at this stage have selected a supplier for CAN! Still has many steps to install hardware and software. Serious companies offer a complete service installation and formatting. COMAX for example, send an expert on business premises of the customer after the schedule together, installs CAN, open and offers a complete training session.

Seventh step: setting CAN after your needs

On the market there are many CAN intended only for sales and inventory. However, modern solutions enable retailers to do much more with CAN. It is important to understand the overall capabilities of the CAN package selected and you have to exploit them for the benefit of your business. Examine additional features, plugins or hardware that can increase performance CAN and will make life easier.

Counsel with your provider to see if you master the full use of the system. Check if there are still features that could potentially save time, streamline work processes or that can make you better understand your business COMAX CAN system, for example, provides advanced reports that allow analyzing the distribution of sales days and hours analysis carts with distribution analysis by amount and various types of reports, which all contribute to a more complete picture of your business

It is important to maintain an open channel of communication with the company with which you have made the contract that allows you to learn about innovations and additions with which the company plans to enrich its software. COMAX, for example, offers upgraddare software free for all customers. These enhancements are developed, usually in response to the needs of retailers and big business in Israel, as well as research and development of new skills which in the end beneficieza all our customers.

In summary:

CAN informed choice is a complex process, but bring enormous benefits to putting it into operation if CAN intelligent suits your needs. A good CAN will save you time, money and will help you understand your business better than ever – all these translate, ultimately, in higher profit on the bottom line.

CAN If you are looking very smart, to help you grow your business, leave your contact information here and our representative will contact you shortly.

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