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Mobile version of the store Dvs- success or failure?

Chances are you read this post via a mobile phone – and if not, then he is just a click away from you. The war between computers – fixed or mobile – solving mobile phone and smartphones are the big winners.

Still skeptical? The numbers do not lie. In the US, an internet user spends 5.6 hours a day online; 51% on your smartphone or tablet, 42% of the time is devoted to computers and the remaining 7% of net surfing is done on smart phones or other technologies such as watches, wearable.

Users do not only use their mobile devices to talk to each other or to verify the changes on Facebook, they are used to conduct market research before shopping to compare prices and even to shop.

This is great news for retailers who have to reassess the new channel shopping habits and see it as an opportunity for their business development. The problem is that most stores that offer online shopping experience were less than optimal mobile browsing and as a result, lost sales and consumers are pushed to the shops open until late hours. In the next post we will examine some of the most common mistakes made by traders with recommendations to correct, recommendations you can implement in your online store.

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Error: Version Site may aggravate navigation on your mobile phone

Size is the advantage and disadvantage of a mobile phone average performance. On the one hand size makes the mobile phone to be pleasant to use it for navigation, and on the other hand, is limited when it comes to the amount of information that can compress the screen at every turn navigation. Sites that are not adapted to your mobile phone (if the sites are receptive / sensitive to size automatically optimized to display or sites which were created in advance a separate version for mobile), presents dense small, difficult to click on them. Thus, an internet user who wants to get on page A will reach B or C but will not longer on your site

Can solve these problems by designing special mobile version of the site that will stand the test “fat finger”. Use images and large buttons and beautiful – and avoid small text links.

It is important to remember to include the mobile version of the site on a menu “drop-down” comfortable. Web surfers to not have tired of endless browsing to get that product or category search, use a menu built with wisdom and divided for a convenient guide that will save them time and nerves.

Error: searching on a mobile version that is easy to use

Not all buyers have free time to browse at leisure until they find the product they want to buy it. Some buyers are moving, some may even stand in a row to another store – but everyone wants to find the desired item in the least amount of clicks. If you can not get this experience on your site, they will buy elsewhere. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in building a search experience intuitive and easy as possible on the mobile version of your site will not only satisfied with the tool “Default” – Review all existing possibilities for optimization. Use it and your check to what extent is convenient, friendly and clear understanding.

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A good example of an intelligent search tool can be found, not surprisingly, to the mobile version of Amazon. Search is available easily, of course, on every page of the site tool completes the query typed by the user. You should check if you can implement a similar tool on your site, and you’ll make your customers’ lives more enjoyable by giving them search tool that helps them quickly and easily find the answer.

Error: The details of the store are difficult to access

Did you know that two of the most useful buttons on your website mobile version, are the “map” and the “telephone number” of the store; according to a report by PayPal media showing that 57% of clicks on pages Internet- mobile version, go to these buttons. The conclusion? Do not bury store address or phone number. Make this information public – or by posting them on the homepage or by creating clear contact information that can be seen at a glance. In addition, it recommends combining all plug-in which will ease the user to call or come to your store – the clickable phone numbers in links to Google and Waze.

2 Mobile version of the store Dvs- success or failure? Mobile version of the store Dvs- success or failure? 2 1

Clicking on the “state store” on site store your mobile -varianta PopUp appears that Urban Outfitters for permission to access the user’s geographical location. Once approved, they are present all the nearby stores. Clicking on the arrow indicator of a store opens pop-up information for each store, the option to receive instruction guide and other information.

Mistake: do not connect your mobile variant with other sales channels

Do not isolate your mobile strategy. Make sure it works correlated with other sales channels, so you can offer customers a shopping experience “Buy anywhere, anytime.”

You can, for example, use the method launched “initiative Buy Mobile: buy anywhere, pick up the goods at our store physical, which allows customers to complete their purchase on their mobile devices and pick up order from storefront. More and most retailers allow their customers to do this, but unfortunately, to most of them lack experience on points at collecting shopping carts. Although completion of the acquisition is easy, in that collection, strangely – there is confusion regarding the collection point, it is unclear whether those who ordered the Mobil must wait in the same queue with customers who buy when the store. do not make this mistake. If you decide to allow customers to order Mobile and stand up order from the store, make sure you experience the perfect collection. coffee chain Starbucks, for example, allows customers to make a pre-order coffee. When they reach the branch concerned to collect their orders, they have special designated area to be served. They do not have to stand in line and do not need to start to find out who can help them.

Before parting

If until three years ago, it was possible to push toward the bottom of the list of your priorities, the task of solving strategies for the online shopping conducted by Mobil, today it is critical error.

Strengthens strategy of using a mobile phone and your reward you will reap your form of satisfied customers who are in a rush, coming back to buy from you

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