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5 common mistakes in advertising on social networks

Do you have a website beautifully designed and full of valuable products. Do you have Facebook pages and profiles Instagram. Profile page is there. But paying customers to come to you on social networks? IM not. If this scenario describes the actual state of your online store, you’re not alone.

Many site owners are investing time and money promoting it on different social networks, but fail to receive adequate reimbursement for that investment. Their conclusion is usually something in the style of Facebook lucrreaza not for me or “My clients are not there.” In practice, between 4.5 and 5 million Israelis aged 18 and 65 are users of social networks according to data from Facebook. This means that if your customers retirees or soldiers – they certainly have opened a user profile on Mark Zuckerberg and Company. So why advertising does not work? the following guide will help you understand the common mistakes that are made and to correct them.

your audience

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One of the main reasons why it is difficult to make site visitors your business, coming from social networks to become buyers putting credit card details on the payment page is that was brought to your site crowd wrong. No matter how confident you are that your product offerings are for everyone – in fact, every business and even each product has a distinct target audience and it is important to know which is yours. Since age range, passing through interest and demographic cross sections, returning it to make your characterization of your potential buyer – first in general and then by product sections. So when you pay ad run by social networks, they know they should be talking to the right audience, and we lose those who will never be your customers.


The landing page is correct

Landing browsing the homepage of your site is a common misconception that publishers are repeated again and again. It is important to be sent to a site that Web surfers to motivate action. As owner of the website e-commerce you should ask yourself if you want to land the user on the page that collects a number of identical products of the same type (ie – category Home tights or product page : black high heels, shoe model 123). The user must land on a page that her action is clear. He can search for relevant products on his way to Kenya. It is recommended to choose various options for landing pages and ovserva where users buy more: on a category page or a product page.

paid promotion

If you are registered on Facebook or Instagram and wait patiently for acquisitions to come, will have to wait a long time and to a decrease in sales sufereti. Posts exposure to organic (free) is generally low. Ultimately, to get a serious exposure on social networks almost always have to pay. Moreover, payment allows you to select whose public to address. All social networks, Facebook and Instagram primarily provides powerful tools for advertisers precise audience segmentation. The advertiser who knows how to use these levers / tools and social networks make available, will enjoy a very lucrative repayment of its investment.

Running long term

Just as you do not dream to make a proposal at the first meeting, so there is no reason to expect the first time someone is exposed to your store offer to buy something right now. Studies show that customers be exposed to a brand several times, sometimes more than 10 times before making a purchase decision. Therefore, you should try to build a relationship with your target audience, your audience to reaprinzi torch for positive context with content that will interest them. This will build trust in your brand and ultimately it will be easier to convert them to buy. How to do this? Create a plan to fit content supply to your audience in the first section, answer the questions and requests on our Facebook page, we ask visitors their opinion on various products or features of the site, working to promote community that would sell.

Make them return

Usually, those who believe that advertising on social networks is not working feel that because I do not understand the nature of these platforms navigation. Imagine two situations: scroll messages on Facebook flashlight and search for something on Google. The difference between the two psychological states is clear – in a situation where you are a passive user is exposed to different offers; two is active, and actively expose the content that you sought. Psychological difference dictates the nature of advertising on different platforms.

My name

It’s unlikely that one who meets the Facebook ad clicks on it the first time when it is exposed to it. We have to go back and “talk” with him again and again until your dreams take him to click your website Repeated exposure will help to attract user’s attention, and to rise above the ‘noise’ endless which it was exposed on social networks.

On the other hand, to remember that repeated exposure too often or too small intervals of time, can have its own price: to create a form of antagonism to surfers. To cope with this situation, it is important to publish content varied fine (no matter whether it is a post or ad), chosen by a public good, and to study in depth the results – which leads us to the next section.

test your

One great advantage of the digital world is that everything is measurable. So to get the results that you aspire, you have to measure, to evaluate and learn from any action that you took it. Who believes that “can pull fixed target” since the first announcement published the wrong asupupra measure. CPC actually effective marketing on social networks require constant monitoring and learning – even when the results are excellent. Use the tools, they provide a digital world, from the data that can be found in any advertising and until an analysis can be done using Google Analytics or other similar platforms to continue to learn, and the business to grow and develop.

Before parting

Traffic on social networks could be responsible for much of the channels come on your site. Correct audience segmentation and creating a dialogue with the public will lead to your goal achievement. That takes some time and investment of money to reach the promised land, but once you get there do not look back.

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