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Secrets of successful people more productive day by day

Observer from the sidelines, it seems that most successful people, CEOs and presidents of large companies in the world top tasks combine their program with an infinite grace of a ballerina. In reality the picture is different. Way to improve personal productivity daily, is ffara end – even for those who are in the most top of the ladder.

At the end of 2015, LinkedIn has addressed some of the best minds of international business leader and asked them to share with members of the network “tricks” that help them manage everything. The answers provided a fascinating glimpse of how some of their own thinking for which every minute is worth a lot of money. Cut and save.
Richard Bronson: addict accuracy / exactness

22 Secrets of successful people more productive day by day Secrets of successful people more productive day by day 22

The legendary founder of the Virgin Group, known because of spontaneous and unconventional behavior recommended exactly punctuality. “If you want to be more productive from the start – arrives on time.” According to Branson, punctuality expresses respect for others on the one hand and helps him keep his daily program on the other. “Punctuality does not mean that everything must spin around time. I always find time to exercise – windsurfing, tennis, motorcycles – and spend time with people I love. Punctuality means the most effective way to organize your time. “

What do you do when you meet an obstacle, such as traffic jams? Branson said that in such cases he do everything possible to get to meetings on time. In post published on LinkedIn billionaire recalled a case in which he was en route to Fox News for an interview and was an endless jam in Manhattan. “I looked out the window at the cars sat, I looked out the window cars strung together one after another, I jumped in the front seat and began to run along Sixth Avenue. When I saw firm Fox we entered the lobby and I began to knock on the window. I arrived a minute before the announced time. ” Branson stresses that strict accuracy is not keeping a busy schedule. “The idea is to know how to delegate responsibilities, organize and communicate effectively.”

Tony Robbins: Forget your list of tasks

“The biggest problem with the list of tasks that focus on these tasks does not guarantee,” writes Tony Robnis, author and popular lecturer. “A list and make sure / promises to keep you busy, and certainly there are a certain sense of satisfaction from deleting tasks but happened to you that you have deleted all the tasks from the list and yet to have the feeling that there has been no significant achievement “?

So what is the solution Robbins? To recalculate the route again, and to focus on the significant results you want to achieve them, rather than specific tasks. “It is important to understand the most clearly what you want,” says Robbins. ” The more clear you know what you want, it gets easier to get, because you can concentrate all activities to achieve the goal. “

Once you have defined objectives, Robbins proposes to stop, and you understand why you chose these exactly these goals and not others. “If you have a strong enough reason and purpose is important enough, you will find the way back to her.” The next phase of the Action Plan by Robbins, is to establish a plan of action. “The action plan is a breakdown of steps or actions that should take to achieve your goal. If a set of actions does not work, another will prosper. “

Neil Blumenthal: Ensure that the meeting is effective

Neil Blumenthal, founder, partner and CEO of the American brand Warby Parker glasses, found that endless meetings ii choke program. “My trick number one to improve productivity is to transform meetings into some focused and directed as much as possible – for all participants,” said Blumenthal, who claimed that participate on average 15 meetings during the working day of 11 hours .

Somewhere in 2014, Blumenthal and Dave Gilboa partner, decided that meetings taking place in their society are not sufficiently effective, and gave themselves time to write a protocol binding for all employees Warby Parker. The rules were simple:

  1. Meetings Protocol were canceled. In their place must be carried out only meetings during which decisions are made.
  2. All relevant information about the meeting are divided in advance to all participants.
  3. All participants must be familiar with the meeting materials before entering the conference room.
  4. laptops are left out.

“All those who will check Instagram site during the session are penalized – to clean the oven with microwave office with stick ear,” joked Blumenthal. “We found that detailed protocol ensure that all staff, including myself, we are involved total in what happens at the meetings and just not up to speed. We must go to each meeting prepared with the daily data – not this would be the outcome of the meeting “.

  1. Boone Pinkas: all in a small binder

Texas energy tycoon T. Boone LinkedIn Pinkas wrote: “My team and we are flooded with Mune notes, tickets, reports than you can imagine – starting with daily data tariff, passing through equipment lists counted weather and more. There is no way that I can process this information, and they manage to do something one day of normal business. ” His solution is simple – only needs dosarulul or plain manila which accompanies him everywhere. In the classroom, Pinkas says in his post, there is a great variety of documents – from an analysis on the capital market, the analysis of new energy technologies and up personal notes from family members or letters of gratitude. “Thanks to this claser I transform any dead time while the value of gold. I am very well informed on significant issues and my staff can share documents with me and there is always a surprise or two that lights up my day.”

Maynard Webb: welcoming but wary

Yahoo President customary to invest in building trust relationships, on the one hand and a constant check on the other subordinates. “I told them that I expect from each to all the best, and invest in advance in some ways that will ensure that we achieve the goals we have set ourselves.”

Steps in building trust and managing them after Webb

  1. Make sure your people know what they do and when
  2. Criticism regularly
  3. Encourage those around you to express concerns / fears
  4. Be available in an emergency, but sets a time for these problems so that you have time to do your current tasks.
  1. Ask questions instead of giving orders / instructions

I learned that all those who trust in all this done at least 3 times more than the average person, with the result that I save all this time, and multiplied by every person who trusts in my ecosystem.

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