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5 Ideas for a better use of the social networks for your business

Behavior on social networks occupies a growing part of the business strategy of large and small retailers. The benefits of opening a business profile on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Snapchat is huge. Beyond the ability to communicate directly with your store’s target audience, social networks provide the owners of business profiles, data analytics and advertising distributed on previously established segments that were previously only available to large companies.

Even if we are far in 2016, the social networks have always made part of our lives, although this is relatively new in the business world. Entrepreneurs and small business owners are still in the stage of learning how to optimally exploit the new media to your business need. Fortunately, there are some simple methods, even those who are out online, they can implement successfully. Here are five ways to make better use of the social media for your business:

PSWorks-00797 5 Ideas for a better use of the social networks for your business 5 Ideas for a better use of the social networks for your business PSWorks 00797

Care / development of the community:

The power of “social media” is that it allows companies to communicate directly by a large group of existing and potential customers in an efficient and effective manner. The proper use of social media networks business helps the owners to interact directly with the community of those who are on the Internet and exposing them to the content they upload. A smart trader will keep track of those who follow him, will see if there are users that are more responsive than others and try to recruit them as ambassadors for the benefit of its business. Contact ordinary respondents and offer them to make their first review of new products, the application for ideas about special offers or discounts you want to publish and occasionally reward them for their loyalty – will be useful over time.

Using social media as a channel for customer service

Any person who drives a Facebook page knows that seafarers have been accustomed to ask questions, encourage or get angry in private or public messages – you can take advantage of this habit in your favor. Make sure you have a fast response time, especially when it comes to angry customers. Try to turn a disadvantage, the form of a complaint or criticism, putting him in your favor as a treatment agile and responsive. Always remember that social media, more than anywhere else, the customer is always right, and a comment written in anger and deleted from the page will not be deleted from the collective memory.

The traffic from the social networking to your site

Gone are the days when you could get your customers attention simply drown it in advertisements. The modern consumer is exposed so many times in advertising implicit and / or explicit business owners must find new and exciting ways to attract potential customers to their website. Transform your Facebook page and your website a new source of information and creating valuable content wich is an effective way to attract consumer attention. Of course, this strategy is only effective when the information and links you provide to those who follow you on social networks are interesting, relevant and timely, so it is important to …

Keep your finger on the pulse

If you build your business from scratch with your own ten fingers and knowledge in the field and you ‘re interested in everything connected with it and by industry that has developed to take advantage of the knowledge you have in area to create interesting content to your site and share this content in your business profile on Facebook or any other social network you use. Content publishing current in this branch, is also relevant for the consumer, it helps to position you as a leader of public opinion in your field, which in turn, will increases the probability that the website of the business/company to become an informational secure source for your audience of customers.

How can you exploit social media to benefit your business? Tell us in the comments.

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