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How can train a tiger: learn to manage the stress

One of the most common myths on the modern world of work is that stress, almost chronically goes hand in hand with success. Emma Seppala, scientific director of “Research Institute for compassion and altruism” at Stanford, believes the opposite is true.

In her new book, “The road to happiness,” Seppala denies the the myth and cites several studies that claim that chronic stress may impair the operation of professional depletes cognitive abilities because we need to achieve our tasks to the best level.

PSWorks-00777 How can train a tiger: learn to manage the stress How can train a tiger: learn to manage the stress PSWorks 00777

The question of how to handle the pressure that becomes more acute when it comes to business owners who are self-employed. The key, says Dr. Samantha Boardman, is to learn to manage their stress and out of it what’s best. The problem is that, often in stressful situations, we tend to adopt bad habits such as giving up sleep, finding the goal of alleviating on eating harmful food to skip a visit to the gym or to enter into new ourselves. Stress produces disconnection friends, refusing to try new things and giving up hobbies. The result – the pressure increases. The good news is that with a little patience, persistence and awareness, it is possible to cope with stress in a constructive way. Create a database of personal stress management tactics can be answered knowingly the most demanding periods in your professional life everyday. Ready? Off we go!

  1. Hold the door open for a stranger – Sounds weird? Research shows that helping others  really help us. Small gestures, such as opening the door to strangers, or to prepare a coffee mugs for a colleague can help reduce your personal stress level ..
  2. Climb the stairs – sport helps to combat the effects of stress. Try to get up from your chair and insert working out every day.
  3. smiled – a smile, especially in difficult moments, can alleviate physical and psychological reaction to stress.
  4. Do not neglect meetings with friends – it’s natural impulse when you’re under pressure. To combat this, set a time to meet up with friends, rather than just saying you summarize the general “we see new”.
  5. hang out – walk in the park is an excellent remedy for stress. Integrating physical activity on nature , has a calming effect on the body and mind.
  6. Talk to you – despite the bad reputation of this, research has shown that when a person talks to himself in the third person in a positive way, it enhances confidence and lessens the effects of stress.
  7. Replace junk food with healthy snacks – chocolates separates drawers with secret work table to place a bowl of fruit in sight. A small healthy snacks available and handy will increase your chances of making a choice for the benefit of the body, when you grab craving to chew something. A healthy diet helps to power both physically and mentally.
  8. Go to sleep – as you sleep so you’ll be more focused, more efficient and more resilient to stress.
  9. Learn from mistakes – trying to analyze obstacles or around the outside of your professional life. Obisnueste to refer you to an obstacle or a temporary delay as a challenge rather than a problem unsolvable and uses it to grow out of it.
  10. Turn the stress in friend – how you mean to stress is important. positive thought patterns of stress were associated with better health and a sense of satisfaction. Try to think of pressure as an energy that can be harnessed positively corresponding to your needs. “Butterflies in the stomach” are the body’s way of saying that is full of energy and ready to face challenges.
  11. Wash Tools / dishes – performing everyday tasks such as a dishwasher or arrangement that bed in consciously pay attention to these tasks and only they, reduce stress and today’s scientific evidence. This is the opposite to many taskting. Studies show more awareness that helps us focus and reduce our stress levels. The best weapon against stress is to choose a thought and not another thought.

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