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You don’t have time to breathe? So create your schedule

We all have a lot of work and we are always very busy, but the fact is that we are excited rather than being effective. So take control of your schedule and time

The world can be divided broadly into two types of people: reactive – responding to the environment and proactive- causes the environment to answer them. Reactive are those waiting for something to happen: someone to help them, receiving e-mails which oblige them to respond or a boss that asks results. The proactive are initiators, they are the ones who decide for themselves what is really important, those who split time and are focused on issues, to achieve the best results.

The fact is that more and more employees are in the reactive group, but both the reactive and proactive groups of employees do no harm. In many cases workers are reactive rather than putting their shoulder when there is a crisis in the company,  they just react to emergencies like fire fighting and doing everything they can to help. The problem is that after the emergency was handled and enthusiasm disappears, reactive workers quietly return to wait the next event that would make them jump to their feet. Proactive employees are completely different. They do not let the world dictate the agenda with different requirements or strange request. They control their own schedule and ensure an organized and systematic manner. They set their own goals and outcomes to which they aspire and eventually they divide the time available to complete the project that brings results.

Successful people, the most effective and productive, those who are planning their week themselves. If you can apply these tips, you will become more productive very quickly – in your benefit and the benefit of your business:

1.Weekly planning time: you want to start being more productive? Start from stopping whatever you are doing and plan the next week by yourself. To be super effective, allocate the same time slot each week for weekly planning. For example: spend the late hours of Thursday for the conclusion of this week and mapping outstanding liabilities and the early hours of Sunday to plan the upcoming week.

2.Use lists: Go to the task list (it’s infinite, we all know) and from that it is recommended to create a number of other lists. People List – this list will include people who you will have to meet and people which you already met. The list of people is more important than a standard list of tasks, because it contains the list of meetings or discussions that you must have to promote tasks. Additional lists may, for example, be for tracking tasks, tracking projects and in particular a list of regular tasks (such as updating projects).

3.Reserve a time schedule for private liability: Most people believe that they need to specify the log of obligations other than meetings. The truth is, if you want to raise your level of efficiency, you must designate a time schedule for your tasks by your own. Make sure you devote enough time slot for the most important work that needs to be done in the same week. Reserve time for talking to the customer, the one you’ve avoided for so long. Take time for the market surveys. These tasks are just as important as meetings, especially during the schedule that transforms you from reactive to proactive.

4.Schedule a break: Studies show that if you work too many hours, you can reduce your productivity. A nap during the day can drastically affect the level of concentration and efficiency. Sounds outrageous to sleep during the day? Scientists say that to combat drowsiness with caffeine doesn’t make you more effective, it just makes you more tired at night – and also they give quite precise instructions: those who work regular jobs every day up to 20 hours to rest for 30 minutes in the range from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.. You must organize your time properly and you will surely find a little time to sleep during the day. Looking for a quiet place, perhaps the office with the door closed or an abandoned conference room, set the alarm and close your eyes. Even if you are unable to sleep really, rest and breathe deeply about 20 minutes to do the job.

5. Dislike any request: For most of us there is a strong need to be liked by others. This translates into a need that we agree with any request from a colleague or client. You must carefully analyze and understand the implications of each application in order to perform other tasks set for this week. Of course, it is common sense, but if we detected a conflict between demand and our commitments then take into consideration a negative response.

In conclusion, it is important to remember that if you are busy, it does not mean that you are also effective. To be productive means to carry out the missions that brings the best results. Do not hesitate to take the time now to be useful and effective later on.

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