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Tired give discounts? Improve customer service

You break your head with special operations, maintain a magnificent site and offer discounts that simply can not refuse – all to attract potential buyers to the store. This is an excellent start, but how do you realize his potential? How to convert potential buyers into customers? Million dollar question that has many answers. If you own a clothing store, for example, you can continue with the construction of the dressing room spacious and comfortable, with the installation of mirrors around the store and shop windows to be more visible, more attractive and more accessible. All this helps create a pleasant shopping experience, and will cause those who entered the store to buy merchandise to want full price. But all this will not help if persoanalul sales is indifferent, bored, or worse, rude.

Fotolia_96869771_S1-330x184 tired give discounts? improve customer service Tired give discounts? Improve customer service Fotolia 96869771 S1 330x184

No matter how tidy it is a store, how comfortable and welcoming customer base is the human factor. Creating a link with the person in front of you is a springboard for dialogue between the potential buyer and the person in charge of sales. The result of true dialogue between the merchant and the customer is a harmonious relationship, which cause an occasional visitor to become a customer who returns consistently. Now, stop, take a step back and analyze – how often customers leave your store when they feel they created a harmonious relationship between them and the seller? In fact, ask yourself, how often shoppers leave your business when you feel there is a certain kind of relationship with the person who sold them a product? For most business owners the answer is – almost never.


The lost art of conversation

We next argues even with the risk that we will emerge as a cranky old man: many young sales people do not develop their communication skills. Without basic skills of individual communication, there is no way to build a harmonious relationship as described above. Employees stand in front of the store with his hands in his pockets, sellers who are atait absorbed their mobile phones, so that completely ignore customers around, salespeople who are stranded in a deep conversation with a colleague and is careful not to make contact visually with anyone else – all these should disappear from your store .. in addition, older customers complain that when sellers rearranges to talk to them, give one syllable answers, and then only in response to a question from a client. This attitude must change, and the sooner the better. Why those who buy from your store and have received attention and a personal relationship more than you get from a computer- why not buy online?


Something new from start

So how will you lead the team to start to behave after the new rules? There Retailers who admitted rchipa instruct their clients to behave as if they are part of the family lor- but that really does not mean anything. You trained your staff must see their role differently in the store, the customers and the products they sell.

3 simple tips can make the team to join the effort to promote sales and better relationships with buyers:

  • Law of 15 seconds: Connect with the customer within 15 seconds of entering the store. No need to attack him with a speech sale – just to say hello, to thank the customer that came in the store or simply throw them a “HI”. Once you’ve made the buyer feel welcome, you have revealed the identity of authority in the store without causing the customer to tell you how it feels to you or to reject the proposal, which he is not required at this time.
  • Listen: You want to be the leading customer dialogue. If you drive right event, the buyer will tell you how his day was, what they want, what matters is the current product and actually expose you to a world of information. Instead of being bored and quietly wait your turn to vorbeasti, understand the person in front of you, basically gave you on a silver platter all the information required to close the business – and make your day more interesting and productive.
  • Are not you [N T blame] they are: Perhaps you can not afford to buy the items they sell. It’s okay, do not buy them. Perhaps there is a large or small gap of generations between you and the customer. And that’s okay. You might like to like to buy only the end of the season. There is no problem with this – you do not buy now, you sell. If you want to make the day go faster, if you do not get bored if you want to sell – must be interested, first of all, the person in front of you. Defeat your impulses and harness yourself to the process of creating a positive and memorable experience for you and your customer.

Treat the disease, not the symptoms

Retailers tend to offer discounts, coupons and promotions to distribute, but advertisers so they just “move merchandise.” Unfortunately, the profit came from these steps is small. When you give a discount of 20% on the purchase of 100 NIS must still sell for NIS 40 to cover the difference in price. And, in this example, it is only one transaction of 100 NIS. Multiply that with the number of reductions for a whole week and you will see how clear the picture is bleak. These assumptions are just a “patch” on the sale process broken or no longer exists.

Now it is the year 2016. Today we can not be satisfied with “lip service of” [N T: only talk] about “customer service”. You can not brag with a special commodity, on the one hand and on the other hand to cover the store notes screaming about discounts. You can not claim an excellent shopping experience in your store and the clothes cover the floor booths and vendors do not help customers sample.

You tried to cut in profits and attract more customers with discounts? – Maybe it’s time to improve the service? They say the old Kevin Costner’s film “If you build it, they will come! “.
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