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The important place of the small screen in the retail world

Purchases made using smartphones occupies part of increasingly larger everyday life and in the Israeli consumer’s budget. It is expected that this trend will increase in the coming years.

Bezek report [N T now for telecommunications of Israel] situation of the Internet in Israel in 2015 showed that 53% of Israelis still refrain to buy mobile. This means that 47% split time and money where they managed to get a shopping experience in the world in which smartphone is the best friend of the consumer. Moreover, even those who did not buy a mobile device, used it for research and comparisons to purchase. So, despite the fact that the motive does not lead converters for online stores channel list certainly is the center of activity of consumers in the digital age.

Online shopping and e-commerce concept with mobile app. Hand holding smartphone. the important place of the small screen in the retail world The important place of the small screen in the retail world 44

So how can retailers adapt to the new reality? Each store will find a different match strategy, but there are several lines of any online shop right directions.

Website design, responsive

A design responsive design is to create a design that automatically adjusts to different screen sizes, so if the surfer [N. T: internauts] coming to your site from his computer at work, when they have little time, or the mobile device or when it Laying on the couch in the lounge when he thinks writer – experience navigation in the online shop will adapt to the screen in time of possession. If browsing in a store online on mobile responsive design best eliminates the need to use the zoom or running the screen from side to side, allowing the surfer’s be very well impressed by the products even on a small screen. Convenient browsing experience leads naturally to more conversions [N T: switch from one page to another]. Even if this maneuver often requires constructing the site in 2016 this requirement can not be ignored.

Run faster

Google drowned in those occasions where surfers have switched smartphone to take immediate action – micro-seconds. Google has divided netizens shared these moments are four main types: I want to know, want to go, I want to buy, I want to do. 82% of smartphone owners said that before you buy, turn your mobile phone into ibstrument to conduct market research. Moreover, studies conducted by Google in the US shows that customer traffic decreased physical stores, but those who reach the shops spend more money. The reason? Those buyers have conducted research online and came to the store to make the purchase itself. The same phenomenon repeats and visits to online stores that are made through personal computers – decreased time spent on a website, but increased conversion rates.

Micro-moments – This is the name given to Google this trend highlights the importance of page load times online store on personal computers, but mainly on mobile phones. Or, as written in Google “They are called micro-moments, nothing. Users of mobile want to know, to get to places and buy quickly. Experience of online shopping tailored for mobile must be quick and smooth “.

The design is based on smartphone

Analyze digital campaigns they conduct at this time and those already planned to ask yourself – Have you thought of them as directed public on PC or smart phone? If you have targeted surfers on your computer should return back to re-thinking design and online initiatives. Retailers who want to be present in consumers’ digital life must adapt to changing realities and create campaigns that target primarily the surfers on smartphones. Retailers who failed to do so they saw that their work was useful. Mike George, QVC CEO said at Shop.org 2015 that his company’s policy was to design a user experience that was focused primarily traffic you get on your smart phone. Billy May, vice president and director for digital activities from Abercrombie and Fitch, said at the same news conference: “We like to say that we are specialists Mobil. When I took office I spent a long time in an experience user tailored personal PC first and then on the small screen. Today we start designing for users of smartphones and from there move to technology experience on the big screen.

Whether you’re launching a sales campaign online or you are about to send marketing emails to all your mailing list, it is important first to reach the mobile audience, and only then at that you get from PCs.

Make it easier for customers to complete purchases on Mobile

internauts get to shop online using your smart phone and try to appreciate the shopping experience – starting from general browsing and complete a purchase. It is easy or difficult site orientation? The images are clear and enticing? Charging time is good? And about the buying process itself: it made the transition from CART to pay just a few clicks? If you find this tedious and long in this route then it needs improvement. Besides the new design receptive, pay attention to site navigation, to mobile phone screen display of items and the number of steps required to complete the purchase. If you plan to give more purchasing channels, such as the purchase on the site and in-store collection, use mobile phone possibilities as part of your efforts. It offers, for example, a discount or a bonus for those who order the Mobile and collect merchandise from the store.

Mobile channel is the channel most used by the average consumer in 2016, which means it should be important to you. Small screen continues to play an important role in the lives of consumers and retailers who wish to remain relevant must know their customers’ smart phones.

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