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Stuck in traffic? Turn the disadvantage of driving in your favor

The average time spent in cars of israelis is between one and three hours on the road every day. How can you take advantage of the dead time wisely? We have some ideas to improve your program.

Somewhere in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin told us the famous saying: “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.”. If he were alive today, he would probably add to the equation the chronic lack of time and wasting time in traffic. We are all in a mad pursuit of time and losing long hours on the road, in traffic. So how can we use wisely the waiting time in traffic? We have some useful ideas. Franklin said also: ‘Time is the currency of your life’.

How much does the time cost?
Israeli people come at work with public transportation and spend between an hour and 45 minutes each day on the road. 61% of us are driving to work and spend on average from an hour to 3 hours a day. Think about how much time you spend on the road in a week, month or in a year. All of us are trying to balance personal life with career that often comes before family and friends. Instead of sacrificing the free time, try using the journey for tasks that can be performed away from the office, or take advantage of the time to extend the professional knowledge.

Professional enrichment
Are you used to listen to the news on the radio while you drive and get upset? Tend to stare at Facebook when you travel by train and get bored? Waste of your time. The Internet is an excellent opportunity to listen to various courses or programs in the area that you are performing. If you drive, you can not take notes while listening, but that means that you have to remember things, so it is very likely to listen more carefully and to enrich the memory with various things that bring new ideas.

Conference calls, call status and supervision

Using the phone has become a necessity and not a fad this days. Try listening to voice messages from work and even call back those who have sought you. During the workday there are calls that are not important, you can make them in the morning or evening on the way to / from office. Implementation of this recommendation will help you communicate without being disturbed by other calls. If there are meetings that do not require a physical presence and are held at the beginning or end of the day, try to take over the phone, saving valuable time.

A driver on call
If you live near your colleagues you can drive together to / from the office to save time and money. You can split the role of the driver and in the days when you are not the driver you can work comfortably in the car. In addition, during the trip, you can discuss topics related to work or at least keep up with office gossip.

Mobile office
Those of you who use public transportation can start the workday from train or bus. Today, when we can connect to the Internet from anywhere, you can use valuable time and answer e-mails or arrange daily programs. So you can start to be more productive before reaching the office. Driving to work? Use your smartphone. Initiate calls or register daily plans. You expect to return from the office to achieve synthesis or view daily tasks and remember the outstanding issues requiring resolution.

Productive mind in a healthy body
Apparently to ride a bike is irrelevant for our purposes. Bicycling does not allow multitasking. However, someone who lives in a bustling city knows that often to drive a motorcycle is more agile and precise. In addition, the endorphins and adrenaline are released in the body after the ride thus making you more productive during the day and helping you release your stress on the way to home in the evening.

Most importantly – Be careful
Not all the ideas mentioned above are suitable for everyone. You may find that listening to lectures while driving is not efficient from your point of view or to ride a bike is not what you like. Try different productive ideas carefully when you spend a lot of time on the road, make sure that you keep both hands and eyes on the wheel. Enjoy every minute in your advantage.

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