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Store ready for winter

Organize and store inventories are imperative season can be a difficult and confusing. What are you doing? Smart ERP assisted by making order out of chaos quickly and easily

Outside temperatures do not fall to 30 degrees and no improvement is not seen on the horizon, but when it comes to planning inventory, autumn and winter are not far away, and preparations for winter, in the world of retail, it is in full swing.

In the world of seasonal goods, be it clothing or appliances for home, smart planning is always key. This is done right from the ERP system configuration that you have, through the methodology of ordering product planning and purchasing advertising.

Winter jackets for kids on stands in store store ready for winter Store ready for winter

Rearranging the shelves, according to the season, can be cumbersome and confusing. Proper use of ERP software that you have available, you can save not less time, headaches and money. Labeling of goods ordered by the ERP system enables easy organization tracking and inventory merchandise old and new; Creating a smart plan for price reductions at the end of the season helps you get rid of seasonal merchandise without problems. Purchase decision for the new year will become smarter, based on reports from recent years.

Identify merchandise

Proper labeling of goods with ERP software help properly manage merchandise throughout the year, but get a special importance to the change of seasons, when help clearly identify seasonal product in stock. Whether mark server products according to season, year, supplier, or otherwise – distribution of the changing seasons is important for optimal inventory.

Labelling orderly storage products is beneficial to current and also is useful when a product is in storage until the next season. For example, when it comes time to order again this winter products, a list ready on stock overcoats and their styles will prevent dual control.

Synchronize cuts

Where is the end of summer / winter / return to school – smart retailers must be ready with a plan to reduce seasonal products, to make room on the shelves for new products. The strategy for the launch of reductions varies from one company to another, but have the same ultimate goal – maximizing profits cycle while reducing erosion to a minimum. Planning reductions based on your ERP system allows you to maintain consistent pricing and data collection to determine promptly the best time for discounts and their quantum; data will be stored for later use.


Most retail traders who deal with seasonal goods place orders on the basis of turnover from previous years. Although there may be different requests and needs from year to year (changes fashion out new models, …) from the previous year’s sales figures can be learned to determine what to order for next year. Proper use of advanced ERP software allows you to quickly and easily get a variety of reports that will help you decide what type of products they managed last year and can be left on the list of orders for next season.

And shop online?

One point on which we have referred specifically in this post is e-commerce. The good news is that what goes for physical store inventory, it is also true for online store inventory. Whether stocks are identical in physical store and shop online, or if you have product ranges and as well as ways to promote completely different in each channel, both require proper labeling of goods, in determining the timing of reductions, and use the findings in past seasons.

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