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Smile, it will be useful

Always it has been said that we should think positively? It is now proven. An article published in Harvard Business Review, shows that focusing on good experiences that have occurred during the day creates an effect that lowers stress, improves interpersonal relationships at home and contribute even sleep better at night.

During a typical working day, we experience positive and negative events. Most of us naturally tend to focus primarily, or even solely on negative experiences. These events are the ones that we think about, we’ll talk about them with a friend on the way home, we will discuss them with your partner / partner to dinner. The discussion about negative experiences give us the feeling that we feel good, even healing.

Smiling business woman standing in office with crossed arms smile, it will be useful Smile, it will be useful 36

Had someone ask us to focus only on the positive aspects of our day, we could probably annoy. People tend to attribute such an attitude inexperienced drivers who try to squeeze yet more manpower, and a smile from their employees. What most of us do not realize is that positive experiences, even small ones, provide resources to reduce stress and decrease its physical aspects, such as headaches or muscle. Moreover, the focus on the half full glass can help you disengage mentally from work at the end of the day – who would not want a little peace at the end of a long day of work?

Joyce A research conducted at the University of Florida Bono and Teresa M Glomb at the University of Minnesota say that to think of positive events voluntarily can benefit our health. The two authors argue that, rather than focus on the negative, is trying to remember, to relive them, the positive events that occurred during the day, to enjoy it and to impart. For most people, this way of thinking is not natural. Evolution and survival instinct led our species to focus on the negatives. In addition, people easily adopt positive aspects in their environment – and very quickly get used to them and see them only with difficulty. The good news is that you can easily change these trends. Bono and Glomb conducted an experiment in which they examined the effect of applying to employment of the method of “three good things”. Practice to concentrate on three positive events have happened to him in person during the day, proved as a means to improve the mood of patients with moderate depression. Bono and Glomb transferred this method of room treatments work environment and sought to examine whether employees can help relieve daily tension. The research team, which included researchers from US universities and specialized personnel in the workforce, conducted the experiment on university polyclinics staff (nurses, sisters, doctors, secretaries and receptionists, etc.).

The researchers asked clinicians who did not know what the question is studied in research, cite to complete a questionnaire at the end of each working day. It asked survey participants to spend 5 to 10 minutes to write about positive events, large or small, personal or professional, that took place during the day. The range of topics emerged in responses was wide – beginning with the colleges who shared delicious food, the joy that is approaching the weekend, and up to tell about good interaction with colleagues or patients. After three weeks of mental stress levels of employees decreased by small but significant percentage. Moreover, in the days that focused on positive experiences, it was easier for them to break away from stressful thoughts about work on their return home.

The simple practice of writing three positive events that occurred during the day creates a real change in the form of thought, and can change the way we perceive our lives and careers. In addition, the growing emphasis on the positive effect of accumulation; Bono and Glomb think anyone who chooses to focus on the good parts, is expected to share their thoughts with friends and family. This strengthens interpersonal relations and can help reduce stress at home, and to help another person become more relaxed in general. Man has relaxed sleep better, fresher go to work and the chances of having positive experiences are growing. Another advantage of adopting this simple way of thinking is to increase the creative potential of employees – satisfaction and happiness increases the ability to think in an innovative and creative.

We all complain about bosses, customers, suppliers or colleagues, and frustration sometimes vented has a value in itself. However, negativity has its own price and studies showed conclusively that if we focus on the glass half empty pressure applicant is issued.

In the context of the workplace, the organization spread negative comments and causing damages.

It is unlikely that people will stop talking about what bothers office. This behavior is natural. However, focusing consciously and voluntarily half full, the situation might balance. The researchers recommend employers and companies to take proactive measures to help their employees to distinguish the positive and talk about them. For example, the author recommends opening two working meetings by highlighting the achievements and not on listing the problems that need improvement.

“What’s great in this exercise in positive thinking, is the power that gives us every day,” said the second researcher. “Before you turn on the radio or to call a friend on the way home, try to take a moment and reflect on the positive things that have happened in the workplace. Thus, you will be able to enjoy and make the most of the good that happened to you – the source of power available, but that often we tend to ignore “

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