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Short,on point and fun: so the winner must be a display for your business

End of the year is an excellent time to review your shop with fresh eyes, to see what can be done to improve next year. Posters are clear enough? Do customers understand the messages is trying to convey? If you did not answer yes to both questions, Bob Peeves “Dr retail” has some ideas to help you get started 2016 with a winning display.

If you have a store with six display seller should function as the saptealea seller claims Peeves. According to him, the posters should be directed to the goal – stand in the storefront or product presentation specific area where we advertise. A situation where the customer looks at an ad imbicsit promotions and trying to identify produsulul you are trying to sell it, it is very unpleasant and nefolositoara. A good ad client to explain what and why must look for a variety of merchandise. “A good ad will attract attention buyer – who will stop to read it. How to do this? Insisting on a few simple rules:

Supermarket with Long Shelfs. Vector Cartoon Background. short,on point and fun: so the winner must be a display for your business Short,on point and fun: so the winner must be a display for your business 37

Short and to the point. Once we used to think that it’s hard to write a notice of less than 140 characters or edit a movie less than two minutes. Today, it is clear that our ability to concentrate was further reduced – Take for example, or Vine Dubsmash, which creates a short film for a few seconds. Your customers are part of those who grabesc- respect that.

How can you read that? I am of those who choose to stand and how much cheaper will multumii handwritten ads. But between the cheaper and you get to make your customer to leave the store after paying expensive it is worldwide. The letters in the ads should be clear and easy to read, not corrugated or decorated and in all colors of the rainbow – the message is meant to attract the customer to your goods. If the buyer fails to read the text easily will leave.

Be personal. Customers wallet out when they are able to imagine using the product in front of them. One way to help them make purchasing decisions is to use the words “yours, yours, you.” Between “loops will arrange themselves” and “your curls will arrange themselves” is one word that makes the difference between another poster, a poster to stop the client.

Submit ads to the test. “Well it’s a new poster in the window beautifully arranged; you feel perfect … Very good until you notice that the text is too pale and not differentiated sufficiently through the window or font is too small for anyone traveling by car, so he can read, “said Peeves and recommends:” If your store has a window to the street, ask a friend to go through to the storefront, and tell you what he sees. If he did not understand the message, or it could not see – it is a sign that should be redesigned window dressing.

Pan Pan Pan. Plictisieste display? Well, it’s really boring. Do not copy what your competitors have done, and not fall into the reality from you in the store, not to fall into the trap of unique templates narrated and free. Remember that your goal is to attract attention to your cargo casual observer Consider a combination of humor, puns and / or signs – either in text or in graphics. Yes, there will always be one that does not amuse, but most of your customers will appreciate the experience. Some will even picture / film and will publish them on social networks.

“Creating a successful display in sales promotion can be one of the most pleasant in Retail”, concludes Peeves. If you implement the ideas above, you can create ads that will help the sale as much as a highly qualified staff.

This post is based on an article published in Retail inthe original Doctor’s Blog.

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