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Retail experts respond to charade 5: How to grow sales in 9 steps?

Easter is the celebration with several symbolic meanings, one of the most important being that of regeneration. Revival of the Hebrew people in Israel following the exodus Country / Fugue in Egypt, the flowers that have emerged and spring and bring them to the old world, the beginning of a new year. Just before the Easter holiday, get new tips to look with eyes refreshed saradele the oldest in the book: How to increase sales?

Below, you will find some insights of some of the brightest minds in the world of retail, marketing and branding who were asked to reveal the No. 1 advice for retailers who want to sell more. The answers are varied and cover various themes, starting from sales and marketing philosophy to the design showcases. Even if you’ve not adopt all the tips that will be listed to implement them and you’ll apply just one in depth we can say: Amen !.

15 Retail experts respond to charade 5: How to grow sales in 9 steps? Retail experts respond to charade 5: How to grow sales in 9 steps? 15

  1. “Give buyers a reason to go into a shop of yours,” says Bryan Eisenberg, founder and marketing director of IdealSpot and best-selling author, and include different promotional ideas – from the organization of exclusive events, where to sell unique items and limited editions until the production of coupons intended for sale only in physical stores and promoted on-line.
  2. Doug Stephens, founder of Retail Prophet, the Prophet in retail, says that what matters / makes the difference is “how you sell, not what you sell.” Stephens shatters the myth that I believe a lot of retailers and suggests: “Start from the assumption that nobody needs what you sell, because chances are exactly the case.” According to him, “There are very few products that can be found in one place, so you have to focus on how we sell. Focus yourself and analyzes the experience of shopping at your store and make it remarkable. Products come and go, but there will always be a great market that offers exceptional shopping experience. “
  3. Denise Lee Yoon, an expert in building a brand, believes that God be in the details. According to her, investing a great attention to detail will ensure that your brand and its values “will awake to life” in the eyes of customers in each new interaction.
  4. Do not stop to learn, inquire and ask, requests Nicole Linbach Reihel founder Retail minded, and claims that the retailer who wants to succeed, it must stop and rest on our laurels. “Analyze your sales or their absence in anticipation days, months and years end. Choose rate / percentage of your conversion, do the research and characterization of the profile of buyers coworkers. Analyze your existing client base and trying to understand how it is best to do to expand. Spends on checks / background checks on employees and to explore different sales techniques and customer service to help your team succeed.
  5. , Author of the book “paradigm POP UP”, recalls the basic rule – to encourage people to buy, should motivate act with promotions / specials and limited sales time. Gonzalez cited, for example, periods of shopping Holiday, producing a “sense of urgency”, as buyers have a definite time to buy gifts and other special prices. During these times of the year, Gonzalez recommends vacation packages dedicated to produce, purchase items limited edition, to work on attracting partnerships – all in parallel with simultaneous transmission of a clear message to customers: “Buy now or regret it later “.
  6. James Vickers, editor of Retail customer experience, wants to ensure that retail remember that officers do not live in a vacuum – they live and do business in the community, and should remain relevant for residents of the area who live. Vickers încurajeza shop owners to combine their marketing efforts, calls, activities and offers that are relevant in particular for residents of their area.
  7. Mercedes Gonzalez, founder of Global purchasing companies, asked to keep in mind that you have a small business but do not bordered about it as bait for clients or excuse for you .. “Yes buyers -and real reason to open your wallet, just from you. “need ideas? And Gonzalez mentions also limited offer unique products, as bait effective to increase sales.
  8. Jason Goldberg, founder RetailGeek and responsible for business strategy Razorfish highlights the importance of communication with customers online and / or in real life. The modern consumer is more sophisticated than ever, and have infinite access to information by pressing a button. To communicate with buyers in 2016 to promote spontaneous shopping is critical “providing comprehensive information on products with a broad corpus of comments from Internet users.” While increasingly more consumers are using digital tools to conduct research prior to purchase, the vast majority, Goldberg argues, would prefer to do their own shopping in their store. Therefore, the recommendation is to not think about digital marketing efforts just as a database engine. “Make sure to keep websites updated list of stores, try to synchronize stocks available in the online store with the physical stores and Advertise local organizations – they are high-value digital operations for each physical store.”
  9. “Visual storytelling” suggests Bob Filifis, better known as “Dr. retail”, who publishes a blog of the same name. “If your store is located in a sector in which enjoys a large movement of buyer invests in a shop window decorated so very well tell a story and only one – and the doctor recommends, “presenting the showcase must make an invitation to passersby. A highly decorated shop window encourages impulse buying and awaken curiosity buyers. “

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