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On the positive side of negative reviews online

PSWorks-00241 On the positive side of negative reviews online On the positive side of negative reviews online PSWorks 00241 1

Just as no man is perfect, and perfect business are available. We all make mistakes, and sooner or later have to deal with negative reviews. Whether the problem dragged complaint was controlled by the business owner or not, he will hear about it and it is likely that the environment of the complainant claims will be revealed on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or in any relevant forums or platform.
However, in recent years, studies have shown that negative reviews are not necessarily bad for biz. Spiegel researchers from North-western University in the US found that negative reviews are helping to establish customer trust in brands and their authenticity. The researchers examined 40 categories of products have received reviews in the form of stars (one star being the lowest score and 5 stars Constitute the highest score). The study found that the rating of one star to three stars had little effect on the buying decision. When rating rises to three stars or better chances of growing purchasing power, they peak in the audit of the 4.2 to 4.5 stars. As the rating soars beyond 5 star – falling purchasing prospects. North-western researchers believe the visit of 5 stars arouse suspicion among buyers that fake reviews or biased in favour of business, and they just ignore them. “we understand that no product is perfect, and they appreciate negative reviews as an important decision” the study said.
Scientists attach to their findings and those from earlier studies, according to which 82% of shoppers bothered to look for negative reviews. The authors concluded that negative criticisms raise important issues related to the price or product safety, as well as building confidence in the context of a brand or a new product. Tom Koling, director of the Research Institute wrote in an article published on TechCrunch that in the eyes of consumers, the role of brand is not limited only in the manufacture and sale of branded products and are looking forward to “listen, respond to complains”.
A study by British Trust pilot company revealed that the most common cause of negative reviews is a customer service problem. In fact, 65% of respondents said they bothered and issue a complaint in cases where they feel that the service they received was worse. 62% of respondents said defective merchandise as grounds for complaint and 53% of respondents said that the late delivery will send them to the keyboard.
However, the study also raised a point of light, by way of retail deals with the negative control is the one that will shape public opinion about his business in the long run. An overwhelming majority of respondents, 84%, said they will return to buy in the business to handle their complaint. 70% of respondents said that business would be able to return them to the doors if they are offered discounts, rebates or benefits in response to the complaint. 55% said that an apology would suffice, and 46% said that any response to the complaint will provide them.
So how smart retailers have to deal with complaints on-line? We focus on a few ideas:
Sweeping problems under the carpet is not a smart strategy for coping. Agile customers find this practice and much more difficult to fix a bad impression born as a result of a deliberate cover-up than a mistake made in good faith. Openness and honesty will prove a real willingness to solve the problem, and will serve the goodwill of the business in the short and long term alike.
Respect the complainant
Read a negative review about a business where you invest your life can be the most annoying experience. However, it is important to understand that there is room for criticism and that should take it. Use criticism as an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to your customers. Representatives of the company will also return the complainant to thank him for the opportunity to solve the problem raised. Such treatment creates a good impression, and demonstrates the business owner cares about his clients. In terms of consumer exposure company dealing with complaints and addresses issues that indicates reliability, much more to major company gets only 5-star reviews.
Treat criticism as warning signs
Negative review is a great way to get to know the problem still in its infancy, long before it grows out of control. Dealing with one negative comment can solve the widespread problem that bothers many customers do not bother to complain.
Referred to the negative reviews as a catalyst for the development
Often the feeling is that you have a thick skin to cope with the negative reviews, especially the Israeli consumer climate. However, you may want to pick the wheat from the chaff, and to try to extract too vulgar criticism constructive side. What can you improve your product or service to prevent reactions of this type in the future? Sometimes, reasoned criticism one points to improvements that can be edited can be more beneficial than a thousand reviews praise.
It is not considered a problem, this solution
All that is human is wrong from time to time, it is understandable and forgivable. Amendment fail mistake – that’s another story. Do not let the complaints get you down, instead, try asking yourself some of the problems solved and how you treat them. Those who respond intelligently bad criticism also expected to win back customers angry and protect the reputation of his business for the long term.

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