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NEW in Comax – Module about sales comparison

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A clear picture of the functioning of the store or departments is essential to make decisions, wittingly, in business. But we don’t always have convenient access to this information. Even before 2016, we added to the ERP’s system from COMAX a new module: sales comparison.

This saves production of several reports and cross-checking of data appearing from them, required to understand trends in different branches or sales departments. Starting today, all information is presented in one place, according to analysis criteria that you choose; You’ll be impressed by the information obtained in different formats: hourly, daily or monthly, and you can compare sales figures from stores, departments, groups or subgroups. The new report is presented by your choice, tabular or graphic, and you can export all data into Excel.

The path to the new report: Path: Sales> Analysis> Queries>Extended comparison.

Moti Frenkel, CEO COMAX: “We believe that this way will be found very useful by our customers… It’s expected that this module will be extended in the future and include a variety of analysis options based on the feedback we will receive. ”

Would you like to receive more information about the new report? Contact us on welcome@anibtech.com

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