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NEW in Comax- customer’s questionnaires analyze, software templates signaling / display and others.


In last few months, we focused on the ERP system from  COMAX to add some additional features and new capabilities designed to emphasize the understanding about your business activities and to facilitate their leadership. Get all the details on the latest news.

The platform for managing the client’s polls / investigations / questionnaires

“Managing customer survey” allows survey or questionnaires that occur as a “pop-up” to the cashier in the sales process. Cashiers or other representatives addressed questions to final customer [who have finished buying and are now paying] and introduce their responses in the system. Another few points about the new development: the ERP system allows analyzing responses in reports by the system:

PSWorks-00785 NEW in Comax- customer’s questionnaires analyze, software templates signaling / display and others. NEW in Comax- customer’s questionnaires analyze, software templates signaling / display and others. PSWorks 00785

  • can be selected different questionnaires occurring in accordance with the client profile and the type of shopping.
  • We recommend building surveys in a small number of questions.
  • It is recommended to use short and clear questions
  • It is recommended  to train the cashier in advance about dealing properly and and to address pleasing even if the customer refuses to answer the questions.

Signaling software for patterns.

The new program allows creating easy and convenient signaling / display of the store, according to the specific requirements of each store. With the help of the program you can design posters of colors and sizes – based on the catalog of special offers from the current ERP system.

6 tips for creating an undefeated display in store – click here.

The addition of images in stock assessment reports.

“Inventory Assessment Report” from ERP is one of the most visited on COMAX system. At the presentation on the computer screen and report printing there is the option to display the image of the object and its use. Additional information you will find here – system: social BI> Inventory> value> warehouse / element.

Want to read about inventory analysis? Click here.

The presence of employees.

Are you away from the office and want to make sure that your employees are there? A new query / procedure for displaying present employees will help you to do this easily. Simply go to: working hours> clock hours> workers present.

There you can check if the employee is in the current date and if there is no exit – date and time.

Bill / receipt for the centralized

In MENU it has added a new type of form for another centralized bill for the customer. The format is similar to the kind of “Documents Center” documents are submitted by providers, each provider has a total line.

The path to the new report: sales system> Bills centralized> Management> Edit.

Warnings for customers dealing with import licenses

We have added a new warning to customers that deal with import license: You decide how many days before the license expires, you want to Receive; announcement will be sent through the email address you entered in the system as the recipient.

Would you like to receive additional information or instruction to use the new procedures added? Contact Us – welcome@anibtech.com

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