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Discounts and savings: 5 posts which all retail traders must add to favorites

Even before the blog shows 100 posts, we decided to stop, look back and celebrate our five most widely read posts, most useful and most recommended. From posts at the beginning and those that are newer. Posts dealing with technical issues and those that provides food for thought. From those whose implementation is complicated and the perspective which is easy to adopt and methods of operation. All relevant retail traders and all are worth reading.

Approaching angry customers:

Each service provider has, at some point during his career, disappointed or angry customers. In practice, the customer is not always right and is not always the blame of the service / product. It is likely that we all have witnessed, in a moment or another, to situations where a customer is acting disrespectfully or come up with unreasonable demands. If also the seller or agent’s reaction is not dignified and respectful situation could quickly deteriorate into an issue deal with screaming and yelling.So what are we doing? Go down to the root of the problem, then we express our sympathy for his situation, we’ re not fighting, we maintain our professionalism and adopt a positive attitude as possible. Read all the article here.

PSWorks-00691 Discounts and savings:  5 posts which all retail traders must add to favorites Discounts and savings:  5 posts which all retail traders must add to favorites PSWorks 00691

From what is composed your business? Cow’s milk or children with problems?

Boston Matrix is an analytical tool developed for corporations and business which is very good for small businesses. So what is the relationship between cows and children in this story, and why should you care about Boston? All in next post.

/ [Note trad. : קופה רושמת = cash register of paid products bought in stores// in Romania we say  “pay to the house” we will use the abbreviation CR = cash register]

Choosing a CR in 7 Steps: How to choose a CR matched to your store?

A cash register for cash payments is one of the cornerstones of a retail business.

Besides achievement of the basic function of making payments, a really smart CR allows management, monitoring, and synchronizing all store departments: from inventory and sales to the customer information – all in one place. Choosing a suitable CR has a great importance. A CR inadequate to the needs of the store quickly becomes a burden. Instead, a suitable CR will simplify and update the correct flow of your business everyday and actually helps to be more profitable. In post we will examine in detail the steps in the smart choice of a CR and integration into the business.

Strengths and weaknesses of a SWOT:

Analysis of market and building a smart business plan can serve both large companies and small dealers. How to do this? By examining the strengths, weaknesses and dominant threats. In a word: SWOT. In the next post you will find everything you need to know about this model that will help you to plan intelligently managing your business.

/ [Note trad. : שילוט = signage = signaling / display / visual information through billboards / billboards]

The address is written on the wall: 6 Tips signaling / display true. The most efficient ways to communicate with customers in the store is the proper use of signage / display.

The strategy of efficient indicators helps to create a positive shopping experience and increase sales. Implementing a smart display / signage help your clients get the majority of the information they need about the product itself, and this would reduce dependence on the people in your team, at least when it comes to basic questions. Despite the importance of signage / display many retailers relate to this topic only occasionally and superficially, often losing sales to potential customers who are in their store. So what factors are considered when developing a strategy for signage / display in the store? In the next post you will find six important tips.

About increasing sales through involvement / training [n t Coaching]. Retailers and their world: The bonus for hikers

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about one large branch of a small boutique networks, people on the team matters most to the quality of the store.

Professional, attentive and courteous or rough sellers are essential not only for the good name of the business, but actively contribute to increasing store profits. So how do you maximize the productivity of your staff, and if this is possible? Doug Pliner, CEO of Dynamic Experiences Group, is convinced that the answer is yes. According to him, the road to riches, or at least better profits, begins with team formation, or as it is known today, with Coaching.

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