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Delaying bear fruit: so take advantage of last-minute shoppers movement

Hebrew New Year [N T falls in September to a date change as Paetele] starts in a minute, and for the holiday shopping frenzy is at its peak. Feel that your business is behind? We have tips to help you increase circulation last-minute shoppers

25% of consumers buy gifts really last minute – according to a study released by Google in 2013, and there is no reason why your business should not benefit from this human tendency to procrastinate. How can we address this important segment of the population? We have some ideas for you:

Start with your existing customers

Small businesses should seek primarily to their existing customers, those buyers who know and love the store, the public must be convinced that not stoop to his feet just in your store .. If you list is kept in storage -mailuri is time to remove the airy. Sending e-mail on holidays to all your mailing list, notify your guest book that surprises them, as tempting discounts, preparing them for holidays and invite them to come with friends to enjoy together all this abundance and variety. Working with SMS and / or e-mail? Contact customers who have consented to be contacted on Mobile ads short and concentrated to finish with a motivation for immediate action.

הדחיינות משתלמת כך תנצל את תנועת הקונים של הרגע האחרון delaying bear fruit: so take advantage of last-minute shoppers movement Delaying bear fruit: so take advantage of last-minute shoppers movement                                                                                                     1

Try to attract new customers on social networks

Friends Google said that in 2014, 78% of buyers in the United States use the Internet to research the market and compare prices before you buy gifts from physical stores. In contrast, only 29% of shoppers were based on recommendations from friends, relatives or work colleagues. What does it mean? This means that if your business makes its presence felt online, it is time to turn in advantage. Pay attention to the questions received on the Facebook page of the company or parts broadcast e-mail using your site and make sure you respond quickly and politely; Update digital instruments you own in all their operations relevant, clearly displayed opening hours, phones and any other information that can help you communicate and / or to attract new customers to your store.

Everyone on your mobile phone? It’s time to start moving

You stay? Over a billion dollars of total retail sales in the holiday season last year in the United States were influenced by searches on mobile phones. Geographically targeted advertising on Facebook, Google and Waze advertising system, for example, can do wonders for the movement of customers, not only to your website or Facebook page. – But even to develop your shop indeed. Platforms recognize your business searches in area and population segment thus elected will see your advertisement. If you submit a notice intelligent drafting, there is no reason not to attract all buyers last minute to come check the data available to you.

Enhance your customer service

To paraphrase the name of successful British comedy of the 70s, buyers stressed, last minute need more than quick service – they need someone to care for them. The best way to do this is to bring your employees into the holiday spirit. A smart store that offers more than lower prices or range of products – he puts in his job, the power of its employees. Caring and dedicated sellers can turn a visitor to the store buyer, or make a casual customer a loyal customer. They also help reduce the stress that comes with buying last minute. So this holiday, remember that the best treatment for your customers means better treatment for your team. Aranjaza shifts so as to be sure it will be pretty much the staff at rush hour, and the task will be divided sufficient personnel; Make sure your vendors are ready to answer customers’ questions about the operations of season and make sure you give them deserved reward, and fair payment for overtime. There is nothing like economic incentives to morale.

Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards, or Giftcard is not considered to be a very personal gift, but they are exactly the kind of buyers purchase last minute items. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to a designer gift-card to your their attorney, to display the view from the house and other relevant places in the store, and to instruct staff to provide buyers as an option this moment.

Check whether the program should extend store hours for the holidays

US chain store Toys R S has held before Christmas Eve, doors open for 87 hours without a break; other networks, such as Macy’s and Best Buy have extended operating hours significantly three weeks before the holiday; some of them open at seven in the morning and close at midnight. You should retrieve the same tactic? The best way to answer this question is to pay attention to the waves of traffic in the area where your business is located. Try to pay attention to the time when people come to your store and when not. Check out the buyers are waiting for the store to open in the morning? If so, ask how long waits – and taking into account operating software upgrades, depending on their answers. Buyers are demanding more minutes before closing time? If so, you should consider postponing the closing time – at least in this holiday season.

Where was decided to extend the hours of operation, it is important to keep track of sales during that period. Data will be analyzed to determine if revenue exceeds expenditures da arising from long work days.

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