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Customer service: 6 features which you must have

We all want to provide a seller or a customer with a service with a quality of “good interpersonal communication” – but what does it actually mean? We specified six most important features for customer service.

Speed,” “kindness,” “a good expression capability” – the base requirements for each agent of sales or customer service and all focused on the same elusive quality: good interpersonal communication. Communication capabilities of the customer service representative has a decisive influence on the customers and gives them the impression that your business and his skills are considered the most important features required for good services provided.

The words “CSR” or “Customer Service” are attributed sometimes just to enormous companies like HOT or YES. In practice, any interaction between customer and seller falls under the definition of “customer service”, it does not matter whether it is in his own store or one is a branch and the other is not. The many faces of customer service is  to conduct a conversation that can take place face to face, over the phone, through email correspondence or Facebook. Skills required for service contractor, in all situations can vary slightly but all cases require for the contractor the following features – all together make up the totality of good interpersonal communication and service excellence:


This is an important feature and the most basic need for any service provider. This is true when it comes to a simple scenario like help customers that are having difficulty in choosing a product, and is even more true when it comes to a complex scenario as dealing with customer complaints. The service provider need to be patient and listen carefully before answering to customer complaints. “Slow” service is seemingly better than a faster and irrelevant service. It is important to understand the problem of the customer and understand well what response he wishes.

Attention to detail

Starting from understanding clients background to avoid remarks that may offend them or to pass the wrong message, to the customer between the lines – attention and real listening can provide valuable information for and about your business. If, for example, a buyer complains that it took him a long time to find a particular product, in fact this is telling you that the store is not arranged comfortably, without saying it directly. It is equally important to pay attention to the information you disclose to the customer, and make sure you transfer your messages clearly. Consider the following situation: A customer who received the impression that he is entitled to benefit from your service, while actually he is not entitled, will not rush to buy from you again. In contrast, the client who receives information clearly and coherently will not be disappointed from a situation .


The impression that customer will receive from the beginning of the engagement will determine the mood throughout the interview. A positive first impression can make a simple conversation more pleasant. Service people should be kind and welcoming causing interested clients to complete an acquisition or to make a raging customer relaxed and cooperative.

Ability of expression

Choosing the right words to communicate a message can help to mitigate the fact “hard to swallow” and illuminate the seller in the caring services. See for example the differences between the following statements:

“The product will not be available until next month. There is a long waiting list and you can get it now”.

“The product will be available next month. I can order it for you now, and make sure it will be sent to you as soon as it reaches the store.”

While the first example of a fairly neutral, it is unlikely that transferring the message in this way will create a positive impression for customer. In contrast, the second sentence is contain the same basic information, but not focused on the negative aspect and it is likely that the customer’s sense of good will come from the part of the seller.

Fortitude under pressure

The ability of handling the demands of some clients simultaneously, and the ability not to lose temper in front of an angry customer – stamina is one of the distinguishing features. Good service members know they can not afford to let a customer become angry because they can lose them and they realize that some of their work is to bring tranquility to their clients in order to deal with problematic situations.

The ability to close a call

You handled the problem for the satisfaction of the customer? Therefore, the service representative should know to terminate the agreement only after the buyer has confirmed that he is happy with treatment he received, and he feels the problem is solved or is in the process to be.

It is important to perform this step only after a problem has been addressed, and only when a customer service representative feels the contractor satisfied . At this stage it is important to work with the client on all issues raised in the conversation, and make sure the complaint has received comprehensive treatment. Service man’s willingness to get in these details prove to the customer:

Care about the person in front of him.

The attendant is ready to continue the process and come with a complete solution to the problem.
He is always right – and who does not like to feel that he’s always right?
When the recipient tells you he has been pleased – call ended.
Post relied on the following sources: Help Scout and Customer Service Heroes

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