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Battle for work-life balance

Feel that the main loser in the war between work/career and life are you? We have some tips that can help you find the golden path between the two.

Are Mobile, tablet, laptop all are available now ziua- all 24 of 24. The line between personal life and professional life is blurred, and maintain a balance between the private and the professional aspect of the house is almost impossible. However, finding the middle way, which will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds – career and family – is essential to our health, mental health, and to ensure our continued success in the workplace. Although each person the right balance between work and life itself is different, I have gathered some tips that can help you draw straight lines that separates the two for you.

tug of war work life balance conflict concept battle for work-life balance Battle for work-life balance

Prioritization and organization: to ensure that you have the mental and cognitive freedom to spend on what matters to you, you must stop and set your priorities. It is recommended to decide which of the obligations and responsibilities are at the top of the ladder of priorities for you and that is in its bottom. After completion of this process of “mapping”, open your calendar and set clear deadlines for both personal obligations and for the business. We recommend working with the calendar synchronization for personal matters, so to have no conflicts between these agendas. Ann Mc Gart, productivity expert, explains that this timing is “a very good way to put greater emphasis on people and activities you’re most rewards.”

Concentration: The battle for our attention is one of the most difficult. The task list is endless, and its update must be done constantly. At the same time, in parallel, it is important to remember that every time our concentration and productivity rates are different. There are people for whom the morning hours are most productive, and others entering the pace until the afternoon or evening. This means that how you choose to open a new day will determine how it will proceed. “Instead of that the day is the one who will dictate agrnda, takes control and sets a timetable according to your energy levels and your needs” proposes Mc Gart. “So you can devote 100% of the time when you are” on top “most demanding and important tasks”. The more accurate your priorities will be “mapped”, the easier it will be to concentrate, work and delete tasks from the list.

Do not confuse the urgent with the important: an urgent task is not necessarily important task – and vice versa. When organizing your daily tasks, ask yourself whether the tasks they have chosen to focus on their worth? The honest answer to this question will save you time and you will not be preoccupied with unimportant issues, and ensure that your attention will be directed to a real job and will free time for personal life.

Put your phone in silent mode: At least when you must complete a complex and / or important. Researchers at the University of California-Irvine found that on average 20 minutes pass between the time a worker was stopped till he returned entirely to work. When you approach an important mission, disabling automatic alerts for messages, e-mails, cancel alerts on Twitter and Facebook and organize your environment and how quiet as possible without interference. Schedule a specific time in your schedule to check e-mails, correspondence and messages on Facebook. Thus you avoid answering the requests of others at the expense of your time and concentration.

Take it slow: If you notice that balance in your life no longer exists, Mc Gart proposes to make small changes that will help ease your time for yourself program. For example, if you are tired all the time, try to go to bed fifteen minutes earlier than you used. “Once you understand that the world does not disappear when you turn off the computer”, you will sleep better, perhaps, explained the expert. A good sleep will ensure efficiency and creativity will increase significantly.

The most important thing to remember when you want to find a healthy balance between career and home is that there is no perfect formula. There will be nights where you lose your child’s concert or social events because of work. However, there will be days when you give up hours of work for a doctor to accompany a family member. The most important thing is that it will create personal and professional life that excite you and to produce a feeling of satisfaction.

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