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5 benefits of sending digital invoices via email

Good for customers, good for business, good for the environment. 5 good reasons to break the paperwork and use digital invoices. Some of the automatic teller homes on the market allow computerized invoices sent directly by e-mail instead of using post. At first glance, this feature does not seem to be a revolutionary, but use […]

Strengths, weaknesses and SWOT model

Market analysis and construction of a smart business plan can serve large companies and small dealers alike. How to do this? 6 words: by examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. In a word: SWOT SWOT analysis – is an excellent opportunity to raise your head from your desktop and to commit thoughts on where […]

We’re burning on a low flame: when the stars fade and seem far away

What makes successful managers to turn their backs functions of “pampering” and how do you make sure your top employees to remain so? When Mohammed Al-Arian chose to leave the post of CEO of the largest bond fund in the world, PIMCO, many in the financial world remained stunned. When Al-Arian, known as “Prince bonds,” […]

A deep breath: 7 ways to free yourself from the pressures Program

Business owners live their business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but even they have to stop and sometimes just simply breathe. I picked for you 7 simple tips with easy deployment that will help you recharge your batteries. Whether you are owners of a restaurant, a store or a law office, one […]

Counting money that does not have: millionaires who have lost everything

From Wolf of Wall Street and up to ten millionaires and billionaires M.S .: living capitalist dream – until the great crash Jordan Belfort The broker, multi-millionaire former Jordan Belfort, had everything. “Yachts, airplanes, women” who have organized to spend and they have supplied drugs. When he was 25 years old he won, reportedly $ […]

Delaying bear fruit: so take advantage of last-minute shoppers movement

Hebrew New Year [N T falls in September to a date change as Paetele] starts in a minute, and for the holiday shopping frenzy is at its peak. Feel that your business is behind? We have tips to help you increase circulation last-minute shoppers 25% of consumers buy gifts really last minute – according to […]

Store ready for winter

Organize and store inventories are imperative season can be a difficult and confusing. What are you doing? Smart ERP assisted by making order out of chaos quickly and easily Outside temperatures do not fall to 30 degrees and no improvement is not seen on the horizon, but when it comes to planning inventory, autumn and […]

Inventory thinking as 4 points

Many retailers not to consolidate inventory strategy – and pay dearly for it. We have ideas that will help you tidy warehouse. One of the most important elements for the success of a retail business is a good inventory management. Stock “dead” or surplus means money drain. On the other hand, the lack of means […]

Materials they are made millionaires

Forget everything you know about millionaires: most of them do not drive luxury cars but spend their lives working hard and not in the pool. So what characterizes this thin population (apart from a lot of money in the bank)? Answers inside. Spacious house in an upscale area, smart cars and designer clothes – these […]

Coaching and the world of retail: sales growth through training

What differs regular training workout for vinyari and what advantages can small business owners who choose coaching for their team? 2 words: Increase profits The quality of the store, and no matter if it is one of the largest networks or join a small boutique, is measured by his crew. Activities professionals, attentive and polite […]