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Article : 6 important points to be considered in the shop design

Poor arrangement of products, an unattractive entrance and narrow passages may cause you quite a few sales. So make sure your store is optimally organized

Retail chains are investing significant resources in shop designs, often uneven. Designers of stores take into account customer behavior, maximum product exposure for optimal viewing and to attract the gaze. But when it comes to small shops, in many cases, it seems that the owners do not realize how important the store is and how much it will affect sales.

Studies prove that a wrong arrangement of products, incorrect arrangement for service counters and transitions can affect consumer behavior in subtle but significant ways. When a customer prefers to avoid crossing a crowded space and not reach the seller who stands behind the counter you could lose a sale. So what to do? Focus on these six points that help at creating an optimal store:

Note the location and display merchandise

Studies from USA show that when a customer enters the store, he tends to turn right. This example highlights the importance of the location for goods and customer behavior. Even when the customer is in the store he must undergo various psychological processes that influence his behavior and perception. A familiar example: regular customers simply do not notice the first range of products that are positioned about four meters from the entrance to the store. To create a distinct view, we should use the markings on the floor.

Perhaps the store is very small and there are various constraints that result in an unattractive arrangement for products. Try to achieve a more advantageous arrangement with what you have available. Use separate areas to organize signaling and operations. Test your real appearance on customers. Check nearby retail network that sells similar products and adopt a model inspired from others.

Use a store that fits your type of business

Model ‘crossing-cross’, which you can find most often in many supermarkets, where customers are driving back and forth along the lines of transitions. The model ‘Loop’ has a group service in center, with round or square passing around them. Such a system is adopted, usually in a clothing store. The model ‘free’ allowing the trader to encourage impulse shopping, since it is a system where the customer can move as freely as possible in the store.

Minimize the number of counters

Shop counters are separating the store, at least psychologically, between the vendors, merchant or customer. This blockage can not contribute to sales and brings a wrong attitude and misperception. It is important that sellers can roam around the store as if they were customers, so real customers think the store is busy and feel more comfortable. When the buyers need help , sellers will be accessible and available to them. If the counter is necessary for transactions and for packaging or other services, try to minimize the size as much as possible.

Effect of agglomeration

Yes, it seems that such an effect exists. Or at least a phenomenon where the typical customer avoids crowded areas where merchandise is displayed to not be hit by another client. Apparently, this effect occurs even if the client is very interested in a particular item. Try to avoid this problem and plan the space to allow customers a personal space as comfortable and spacious as possible.

Maintain eye contact

You can prevent theft if you put lower shelves to avoid blocking vision. Please note that the display of merchandise may create unintentional opportunities for thieves. If your products require more storage space and floor space is limited, you must use high shelves. By doing this, try to build shelves on the walls as high as possible and let the store’s center space free, which is also a good aesthetic perception.

Create a spectacular entry

Even a perfect system inside the store does not attract the clients inside when the entrance is looking unattractive. It is advisable to invest in creating a strong and visible entrance, signaled to invite strategic customers inside. Make sure that at least some products are exhibited at the entrance to the passers-by and the shop’s window design is impressive.

Shop owners sometimes tend to underestimate the organizational system design and store planning. They are thinking that their products speak for themselves or that special offers and attractive prices will do the job. But the store is an important factor that should work for you – to help you organize your exposure and create an advantage to attract customers. Shops or stores where calculated planning has been done gives to customers a pleasant and welcoming experience. Also, the organization of the products where the owner is involved creates an attractive perception and comfortable feel for clients to walk and look around the store. Arranging the shop in a pleasant and accessible way will make your customers want to return to it again and again and feel at home.

This article is based on a text originally published in comax-erp.co.il

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