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7 tips to make it easier next inventory

Few retailers who make manual inventory inventory put at the top of the list of their favorite tasks. This is a tedious task, stretched over several hours and in some cases even have to close shop. However, a manual inventory is a task that can not and should not be avoided. Comparing inventory lists and store the content physically help preserve accuracy in identifying excess or deficit issues and ensure that there is always the desired amount of goods at the right time.

I’ve compiled some important points that will make your next inventory neater and more efficient.

Products on the Shelves Warehouse 7 tips to make it easier next inventory 7 tips to make it easier next inventory 33

Balance / inventory Circular

In the circular counting inventory of spare parts of products include daily, weekly or monthly. By Shchastya method can track the stock, without interfering with the store’s opening hours. Philip Pravda, owner SuitCafe.com warmly recommend this method. “Looking back when I owned four shops luxury clothing for men, I did physical count daily, all over,” he says. “I used to select small areas of the store, or a particular brand of suit, shirt, jacket, etc. – and they numbered with numbers of models and sizes. Then compare physical inventory with that computer. All store inventory is difficult for a small business owner who is constantly busy with customers, and does not want to shut shop for a day or half a day just to take stock.

Willie Preston, the site also says that Sewelldirect.com circular counting inventory worked well for him. “Workers in the department of transport operations run weekly, counting and products best selling include more often than products sold less – but each product is taken into account at least once a year.” Willie explains that it is an excellent way to identify potential problems when they are still small.

If inventory cercular no matter how ordinary cup of tea, if you do not feel the need to perform inventory control, in addition to partial counts, following tips will make your life easier:


Save the date

The answer questions when and how often you should perform a physical inventory count depends on until after you. Some stores carry an inventory once a year, others twice a year and are counting those who manage inventory more frequently.

Bob Peeves, also known as “Dr. Retail “recommend his blog for the American public to do inventory counts in the last week of January or end of July, then it is likely to be the least counting. The retailer Israeli should consider to schedule its inventory, the week after the holidays.

No matter what time of year will fall – it is recommended to fix the date to conduct enumeration in advance of weeks or even months before the due date, and to inform the team about your intention. Make a list of staff members like peccary them with you to carry inventory, and make sure they are available at that time.

It is necessary that physical inventory quantities as not to disturb the current activities of the store, so it is best to conduct this process in evening hours. If this is not possible, and you will be forced to close shop for a day or a few hours, you must notify customers in advance – you can even consider sending them an email or post a notice about inventory Facebook page for your business. In addition, it is recommended to put a notice outside the shop and / or next to the house; announcement must clearly specify the dates and hours the store is closed – and why.

map Store

Draw a map of the store and deposit products to present its position in space. The “Dr. Retail “says:” It should indicate on a map where each wall, shelf and table presentation. “The map will help you get a look at the store and the store, make it easier atribuierea areas of responsibility of various workers of personal and to determine the easiest way to manage inventory. In addition, the map can be used as a time tracking inventory list. Deleting inventoried areas, facilitates evaluating the percentage of completed tasks.

Check the boxes and shelves

Do not attack blindly mission. If you plan to perform a physical inventory, warehouse marks well the different areas and / or shop. Make sure every element is in place where it should be. Yes wheel in store and warehouse to see if elements are not in place? There are a bunch of shirts between pants? Scored someone wrongly goods? Solve these errors before inventory.

Otherwise, warns Supply Chain blog cowboy “boxes and pallets will run back for you when you try to balance the lists. Even if you have to make room for items temporarily, only for inventory, place each box in a well-marked and defined “.

Tell your staff

Make sure to carry all the inventory you are aware of what you have done so far – Mapping the store and warehouse, distribution of personnel areas, check boxes and shelves. They pass through areas of sale and warehouse to see and understand the changes you’ve made. This would make easier the task of counting and balancing inventory.

Watch easy and paper

Traditionally, inventory counting is done with pen and paper. The staff uses a dedicated page inventory to include products and providing balanced system data. This is a very effective method that requires a dual listing of goods. It is therefore advisable to adopt digital solutions to the task. For this it is advisable to check if your system CAN [N. T: house automatic teller] provides an option for making digital task. COMAX, for example, give asisitenta for all methods of counting – either directly – by typing data, whether structured forms and working with a mobile device or export and import data from foreign terminals. Moreover, COMAX permitted to carry out an inventory of current activity without stop counting during activity or balancing. For more details, click here.

Take care of your team

Not only those conducting the inventory, but even those who are required to perform exhausting physical inventory counting will be happy to eat something while evening. Water, soft drinks and a few trays of pizza will make your team perform their task more efficiently and with better mood.

Bottom line / line safety / to get to the bottom of the barrel [t n]

Stock count is carried out efficiently and smooth, not by chance. It is advisable to plan in advance the details and prepare in advance everything you need. If you plan to carry out an inventory soon, make sure you delete from your list of tasks those that appear in this post and you will notice that this complex job will become easier.

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