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6 Tips for the employer confused: Generation Y meets the world of retail

Una sellers of the biggest challenges facing every retailer is effective management of human resources and the question of maintaining the team a long time a good employee. This challenge becomes even more complex when it comes to dealing with generation Y or milinials [NT: representatives of the new millennium in 2000, further noted Y2000] Countless books, articles and studies have been written by those born in the ’80s and’ 90, but only when you are in person, as an employer, in a position to recruit new employees from a group of young people aged 20-30 and a little real learning starts to their strengths, and their weaknesses , desires and their puffs.

Bad boss is reason No. 1 that Generation Y mentions in their resignations from our jobs. Given that build a personal coherent and strong is essential for maintaining a healthy business, and given that a substantial proportion of employees on the labor market is of those Y2000 reproach employer who is wise enough to see the world through their eyes and exploit their strengths in  for business “buy” a strong workf orce and a little peace of mind for him. How this is Work? We have gathered together six tips for employers confused.

10 6 Tips for the employer confused: Generation Y meets the world of retail 6 Tips for the employer confused: Generation Y meets the world of retail 10

Once a new employee received written instructions, and was placed with an old worker for a week – and this ends his training. Or so they thought. In practice, most new employees did improvisations, in the best case, or mistakes, the worst. This method no longer works today. Why? Because most Y2000 not intend to work for the same company for a long time. When they get bored they will move on. Therefore, you should not give them tasks as picking garbage or organizing shelves. What are you doing? During the overlap of the new employee’s recruitment have to try to be an ambassador for your brand.

Tell them why are you in this business and how your store is different from others. Try it determined to use your products, flatten it to your Facebook page; Wear a conversation with him about the strengths that he identified in your store. The idea is to tie it to your business, customers and brand from day one.

Much more than arranging shelves

Staff members who are part of Generation Y are looking for challenges, even a simple job. Members of this generation are characterized by wonderful trasatururi such as the ability to distribute attention, know to work simultaneously on at least two problems. They also can be scattered and not concentrated due to the fact that they are constantly distracted their smart phones. If you train just to arrange merchandise to stick price tags and make clean, sooner or later you will lose them. What are you doing? Arrange the shelves and cleaning are part of the daily tasks of the store – but not the store itself. Retail is based on the relationship between your customers, your employees and the products we sell. When it comes to your team, the focus should be on building the skills they need to sell and be ambassadors for the brand, even if ultimately their main role is to clean out or sit at home .

Personal Development

Let’s face it, most shops are common, even somewhat gloomy / gray. If your store is one of them and the products they sell can be bought anywhere, and the shopping experience is the common base – work in this place will be boring for everyone, especially if the end receive a minimum wage. How to maintain the interest of Y2000? Which are recognized by the fact that they bored? Because many do not want to plăteasti money that they think he deserves, you need to help your employees develop and learn new skills that they will implement for you, and in their future function. This is Win Win: workers gain knowledge and skills you earn a team of more educated workers and more loyal. If you do not invest in your people when it comes to training, very soon you will see your scatter them and acclimate themselves in places where bosses are wise enough to do so.

Involvement in business

Your company works on “Who should know, knows”? It is very probable that generation Y who are engaged in your store does not “die” after this approach. Workers usually do not feel offended if you are not involved in decision-making – they know that’s your job. But they do not like to “remain in the dark” regarding the future of the business and development directions that follow them. Employees who must cope every day a new surprise or are not sure how it will be business in six months, will feel that you do

Positive reinforcement and economic incentives

Although you are a business owner who invests days and nights in the “child” of, do not expect ever as a team to do the same. Believe you that your employees understand that your success is their success in business. But if you do not reward Y2000 that works for you, hard work, commitment and sacrifice that they are ready to start – will disappear very quickly. Employers around the world have tried different methods “carrot and stick” to keep their employees are unsuccessful, and only two of them lead to results every time: economic incentives and positive reinforcement. In a world of Generation Y do not need encouragement to take out her all the best at work. In fact, people need real incentives and nothing to Action urges better money. Do not fight it. Use this fact.

Nobody really likes his boss

As a leader in your business deserve your employees but you need to respect you and trust them. Many employers go beyond this, and tried to get their employees to love and admire them – a mistake. No matter how much investment you make for your business workplace to be pleasant and even fun, or how deep your employees get involved in life, the truth is that almost nobody likes the boss – and nobody wants il love him. Your employees, Y2000 and others need a leader with vision, an employer wise, fair and encouraging. They are not looking for a hero or a father.

If you need more love in life, spend time with family and friends. If you’re doing in your employees an alternative family, they will respect you less. Help them to love what they do, not that they work. Intelligent and efficient administration of human resources is a skill that is not easy to acquire, and when it comes to generation Y this challenge increases. But if you try to take into account the wishes and aspirations of your employees, and you create a job in which they can learn, can grow and can grow, they can, they will not like, but there is a chance they are willing to work for you.not trust them – and no one wants to work for an employer who does not trust him at the basic level.

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