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5 worst-of bad questions you put to your shoppers

From “How are you?” To “What budget do you have? – There are questions that just drive away potential customers in your store .; avoid them

Many traders like to blame the internet for sales are weak. “Everyone buys online” is a common complaint. In practice, the figures show that, despite what is said around the network, yet about 85% of purchases in physical stores will be made until 2025. Because this is so, should we stop looking at online stores as enemy No. 1 and to focus attention on the real problem: the more merchants make their buyers feel uncomfortable, and thus deprive themselves buying and sales fall . the reason for this is generally poor training or lack of training, a team of vendors, which makes sellers to ask questions without thinking about them – and thus ward off customers. so what? coached and focus on which it is forbidden to ask.

One business man wear black suit stand on isolated/white background 5 worst-of bad questions you put to your shoppers 5 worst-of bad questions you put to your shoppers 5

How do you feel? [N t: Israeli version of the “How are you?”]

Let’s face it, the seller is not in adevaar cares how the buyer feels. In addition, the buyer knows the seller not care less, but politeness compels answer something like “well, thank you. How are you your?” .Vânzătorul Response, removing the “balloons” or remain silent.

Why should avoid the question? You do not want înceaputul contract with the buyer to be a lie.

What is recommended to say? “Good morning good day. Feel free to look at the merchandise and if you need my help, I’m here. “

Want to buy something?

It is quite surprising, but really, this question arises however futile, to a large variety of shops – from drugstore chains to automobile agencies.

Why should avoid the question? Trying to distinguish between those who will walk freely on around your store Side road and potential buyers if it is based on the answer to this question is ridiculous. Often people come into the store with no intention of buying anything but change their minds due to supply products from the store, decorating his or promotions. On the other side of the coin, people often come into the store with the intention of buying, but sellers attitude flee as a result of too aggressive or too passive.

What should I say? Nothing – Avoid the above question, that’s all.

So that’s outside is hot / cold / wet / rainy, horrible?

Whether it’s a day over 40 degrees in mid-August or mini-tornado in your city, which has become the Venice of the Middle East – sometimes you someone go completely agree on the answer on how the awful weather outside. Moreover, no one really wants to talk about the weather, let alone with a stranger.

Why should avoid the problem? If the party agrees with you and also determines weather is intolerable – both begin to contract a negative atmosphere. Both of you are not happy about something. The right way to start the dialogue with the potential buyer is an agreement on a common interest to both.

What should I say? Recommended is a positive comment, but not too personal, something that the person in front of you or your target.

Can I help you find something?

This question distinguishes qualified sales staff of the unskilled. While in your experience as buyers you have been asked probably a hundred times if: May I help you, but this situation is not legitimate. “I just watch” this is the answer that usually you will get aggressive on this question – and the reason is that the buyer just wants to get rid of you.

Why should avoid the question? It comes from the assumption, false, that customers know exactly what they want. And this is not the case. Most visits to stores are not like normal visit to a hardware store. There’s answer to “Can I help you find something?” can be “Yes, I need anchor”. Most of visits to stores are designed to meet need not necessarily physical type shirt covering body mass as a solution comfortable to eat together; but for the soul shirt of a certain brand and designer X. mass- office Ambelesint functional elements, who were enriched actually a result of your need for self-definition.

What should be said? It is recommended to direct your question to your business .; if for example, you have a shop of construction materials may wonder what project work? And if you own a furniture store would like to ask “What room in your home you want to refurnish?”.

What is your budget?

This is another question that try to build a customer commitment – but misses the point. Such questions need direct esuiaza that will determine the buyer simply to lie to avoid this seller.

Why should avoid the question? This question assumes, wrongly, that the buyer will not spend more than allocated in advance. As a result, sales person and presents the client only offer limited range that falls in price, and does not present the best solution for the client (which usually costs more). You know this scenario your everyday life as a buyer – if you are fixed on something that you want, you’ll be ready to move mountains to acquire it, and willing to pay almost any price.

What should I say? We have a variety of options for different price ranges – agree to show you all to find the perfect solution for you?

In conclusion

There are many mistakes you can make when we sell our products or ourselves. Use the above tips to make sure that the team will avoid unnecessarily 5 questions mentioned in this post, and invest in training / guidance sellers. The proceeds will be at the end of each day, the line profits.

This post is based on an article published in the original HERE.

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