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4 destinations hot for a short winter break in Europe

You want at least a weekend of true winter, minus all the people of Israel crowded Hermon [location sky in Israel, N T]? Imagine sipping a hot chocolate in a cafe romantic when the outdoor temperature is below zero? Eager to ventilate your ski or snowboard equipment? it’s time for a very short holiday weekend, and not very expensive in Europe.

40 4 destinations hot for a short winter break in europe 4 destinations hot for a short winter break in Europe 40 1

No need for an apology or a special reason to visit Paris every year, but in winter, when temperatures drop well down prices, and visit coveted in the European capital becomes more pocket friendly. In Paris, there’s plenty of culinary attractions, endless, and the fact that winter is in full swing, and the calories that you upload to this weekend will have to burn them just this summer, is the excuse finals to prepare your a suitcase and fly. Beyond networks such as Ladurée and Pierre Herme Pastries amounting to standards that can be seen only the city lights, there are all sorts of little nooks that simply should not be missed: in pastry Pain de Sucre’ll find the tastiest the world Tratltim Fay Hamill and cakes that look like jewelry. Montorgueil Avenue, the pedestrian will find a variety of shops for cooking utensils and Bistro Paul Bert in’ll take an excellent French dinner in an atmosphere which will squeeze out of you, or her, a satisfied person.

For Romantics: Český Krmlob, Czech Republic

The small town Český Krmlob is in South Bohemia in the Czech Republic, just two and a half hours driving from Prague (170 km). Cesky Krmlob mentioned yet in the writings of the 13th century, has suffered from neglect during the communist regime, but was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in the 90s of the 20th century; She underwent a face-lift and respond to its glamorous past. Today is like a pearl beautiful atmosphere of the Middle Ages. Streets / lanes narrow, full charm have multiplied in winter, when snow covered the city. Decor complements VILTAVA River, which winds its wrap around town and the impressive Krumlov Castle that dominates the city. Besides the architectural attractions the city has to offer in the beverage field; Cesky Kromolob has long been a renowned center for the production of beer and enthusiasts should visit the brewery and Agnberg. If you have a preference for cities that seem to appear out of a fairy tale – this is the perfect destination.

For more information on the city website >> Czech Republic.

Those with addictions to extremes: Chamonix Mont Blanc, France

Chamonix Mont Blanc is a resort town, which is a favorite destination for skiers from around the world since the late 19th century. The city is located, as the name suggests, at the foot of Mont Blanc, it is a kind of winter wonderland for skiers, especially skilled, but not only. Chamonix ski field is divided into five distinct areas and trails offer different levels, but the main audience, as mentioned, consists of extreme enthusiasts. Even those who do not intend to spend holidays on skis can find a variety of ways to spend a weekend in the big city. Cobbled streets are a perfect destination for relaxed day trips. Plenty of shops, ensure that the shopper will be making a wide variety of cafes and bars to suggest vibrant nightlife scene.

402 4 destinations hot for a short winter break in europe 4 destinations hot for a short winter break in Europe 402 1

Lovers of history: Cologne / Cologne, Germany

Cologne, the oldest city in Germany, is the center of attraction for tourists every year, but during the winter the city’s charm is enhanced several times. Located on the banks of the Rhine was founded in 38 BC, when the Romans led businesses in the region. Cologne is associated primarily with its impressive cathedral, whose construction began in the 14th century. Another attraction of the town is the large number of pubs that serve excellent local beer (Klosh) and a rich menu that seems to be born to upholster stomach in a cold winter day. Because it is the fourth city in Germany sea, offers shopping and entertainment options is immense. Note that the museum ???} {rap Richards, presenting exhibitions of artworks of Gothic and Renaissance, is an excellent option for cultural enrichment, and the Museum of Chocolate “Lindt” is a culinary enrichment option.

For more information about Cologne Travel website.

One second before departure

I was able to convince you to pack? Excellent. Now, keep in mind a few minor points that should not be forgotten:

  • Even when flying only for a short weekend must to have travel insurance and luggage. Also note that if you go for a ski trip there, to make sure, you need policy covering extreme sports.
  • Check in advance with the airline flying regulations regarding the size of luggage allowed to have it with you. Instructions vary from one company to another; their compliance leads to saving time, nerves and money.
  • Read about the target before flight. Write down a place or two where you know it you want to go and exciting options around them. You should not be overloaded schedule, but it is recommended to prepare it.
  • Europe is very cold, from January to April; it is recommended to be equipped with a quality winter clothing with which to protect yourself from cold and wind continuously, even long trips across a long day.
  • Take with you hand bag a set of clothes, a toothbrush and toothpaste. So even if your luggage does not arrive with you, you can still start the weekend with a foot right.

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