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Short,on point and fun: so the winner must be a display for your business

End of the year is an excellent time to review your shop with fresh eyes, to see what can be done to improve next year. Posters are clear enough? Do customers understand the messages is trying to convey? If you did not answer yes to both questions, Bob Peeves “Dr retail” has some ideas to […]

Smile, it will be useful

Always it has been said that we should think positively? It is now proven. An article published in Harvard Business Review, shows that focusing on good experiences that have occurred during the day creates an effect that lowers stress, improves interpersonal relationships at home and contribute even sleep better at night. During a typical working […]

You have chosen the right people for management positions in your business?

Managers who do not have high qualification required for their management functions cost, companies and businesses worldwide millions of dollars annually. A critical mass of bad managers can drag down a company. Yet a Gallup global survey shows that in 82% of cases, businesses and organizations fail in choosing the right person for leadership positions. […]

Tired give discounts? Improve customer service

You break your head with special operations, maintain a magnificent site and offer discounts that simply can not refuse – all to attract potential buyers to the store. This is an excellent start, but how do you realize his potential? How to convert potential buyers into customers? Million dollar question that has many answers. If […]

7 tips to make it easier next inventory

Few retailers who make manual inventory inventory put at the top of the list of their favorite tasks. This is a tedious task, stretched over several hours and in some cases even have to close shop. However, a manual inventory is a task that can not and should not be avoided. Comparing inventory lists and […]

Quitting product description on your site trade? You lose big time

Most of the E- commerce sites contain between a few dozen to several thousand products. Writing rich and detailed descriptions for each product pages, can be a tedious task, and many site owners tend to give up she-and wrong in a big way. You will pay dearly for this waiver, the less exposure on search […]

5 common mistakes in advertising on social networks

Do you have a website beautifully designed and full of valuable products. Do you have Facebook pages and profiles Instagram. Profile page is there. But paying customers to come to you on social networks? IM not. If this scenario describes the actual state of your online store, you’re not alone. Many site owners are investing […]

Secrets of successful people more productive day by day

Observer from the sidelines, it seems that most successful people, CEOs and presidents of large companies in the world top tasks combine their program with an infinite grace of a ballerina. In reality the picture is different. Way to improve personal productivity daily, is ffara end – even for those who are in the most […]

7 ways to increase motivation at work

Maintaining a high level of motivation at work all day and every day is an almost impossible task. Often it becomes more difficult when you are your own boss. When there is no one above you to take a look and verify each task crossed off the list, it is easy to “rounded corners” sometimes. […]

Shoplifting: about prevention and how we treat

Shoplifting is a serious problem for retailers – in fact, 40% of store impairment may be due to the theft of products by customers, according to a study conducted in 2014 in the United States by the National Retail Federation. So how to relate / to deal with such an injury revenue? We have some […]