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NEW in COMMAX – Increased of loyal customers through a click and other additions to the system

Strengthening the club of loyal customers, driving a more efficient workers and new possibilities for measuring and more thorough understanding of the store operations – we invite you to learn about the new possibilities that we have added to COMAX. The club loyal customers Transforming an occasional customer, the customer returns to buy from the […]

The most 5 common types of accidents at work – and how to avoid them

Knocks / injuries and accidents at work and expensive production costs of employers and countries. Accidents at work Annual Report of the Ministry of Economy and National Insurance Institute published in May this year show that in 2015 those who have suffered accidents at work were received from the state over 4.5 billion NIS- an […]

5 Ideas for a better use of the social networks for your business

Behavior on social networks occupies a growing part of the business strategy of large and small retailers. The benefits of opening a business profile on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter Snapchat is huge. Beyond the ability to communicate directly with your store’s target audience, social networks provide the owners of business profiles, data […]

Creating a bad shopping experiences in six easy steps.

From competitors defamation forward up to 6 daily activities that traders should avoid. Creating a positive shopping experiences is a form of art. The effort needed to give good service is complex, varied and often costly. Many materials are devoted to this important topic, ranging from courses and seminars led by experts and up to […]

New in COMMAX: reports the average price of shopping for a specified time

We are glad to tell you about a new addition to the COMAX ERP system that provides price averages over a specified period for your shopping- Average of the purchase price report for the period Instead of complicate spend time with complex Excel calculations, we have a report showing the average purchase price of an […]

NEW in Comax- customer’s questionnaires analyze, software templates signaling / display and others.

  In last few months, we focused on the ERP system from  COMAX to add some additional features and new capabilities designed to emphasize the understanding about your business activities and to facilitate their leadership. Get all the details on the latest news. The platform for managing the client’s polls / investigations / questionnaires “Managing […]

15 Ideas to increase sales in The store

Retail world  is a highly competitive world. Every business owner wants more buyers. In fact, he wants your customers. We collected 15 ideas to help you keep your distance in front of your competitors and customers to you. First impression: The first 10 seconds spent by the customer in the store sets the tone for […]

How can train a tiger: learn to manage the stress

One of the most common myths on the modern world of work is that stress, almost chronically goes hand in hand with success. Emma Seppala, scientific director of “Research Institute for compassion and altruism” at Stanford, believes the opposite is true. In her new book, “The road to happiness,” Seppala denies the the myth and […]

Five issues which drive the buyers – and how to fix them

For small and medium retailers it is difficult to keep the rate. The modern world of retail is more competitive than ever requires the installation of specialized applications, installing the latest technological advances in every branch and perfect shopping experience multi-channel, order to keep up with the big chains that dictate and get to submit […]

Discounts and savings: 5 posts which all retail traders must add to favorites

Even before the blog shows 100 posts, we decided to stop, look back and celebrate our five most widely read posts, most useful and most recommended. From posts at the beginning and those that are newer. Posts dealing with technical issues and those that provides food for thought. From those whose implementation is complicated and […]