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Consciences hidden behind a successful working couple

A new study reveals: Your spouse’s personality really affects your career In health and sickness, riches and poverty – is ideal oath that couples say at marriage – but the choice of the partner can make us richer or poor? A study  published in the journal Psychological Science shows that the answer is unequivocally yes. […]

Customer service: 6 features which you must have

We all want to provide a seller or a customer with a service with a quality of “good interpersonal communication” – but what does it actually mean? We specified six most important features for customer service. Speed,” “kindness,” “a good expression capability” – the base requirements for each agent of sales or customer service and […]

7 mistakes to not make while setting up and managing an online store

From ignoring the need for marketing to the incorrect use of currently online audits – everything not to-do on e-commerce sites Setting up an online store is a complicated business, especially if it’s your first store. However, this does not mean that if you are a beginner you have to make beginner’s mistakes. A celebrity states that […]

Tips for dealing with angry customers

It is important to show solidarity, we must not argue – tips to help you get through some difficult situations with the clients Each service provider has met, at some point during his career, some disappointed or angry customers. In practice, the customer is not always right and shouldn’t always blame the service / product. It […]

Food Law on short

Food law will come into force in January 2015. Later this year retailers started to show full price transparency. So how was born the law, who it will affect and what the regulations stipulate? As part of government efforts to promote food law signed earlier this month, regulations requiring major retailers advertising the prices of […]

Spring festival – holiday gifts!

Small business owners are thinking about buying gifts for their customers and suppliers with the occasion of the holidays again – what to buy, for who, how much and why? We recruited a specialist and we will help you take a decision. Passover shopping fever is in full swing, and every year it seems that the […]

You don’t have time to breathe? So create your schedule

We all have a lot of work and we are always very busy, but the fact is that we are excited rather than being effective. So take control of your schedule and time The world can be divided broadly into two types of people: reactive – responding to the environment and proactive- causes the environment to answer them. […]

Article : 6 important points to be considered in the shop design

Poor arrangement of products, an unattractive entrance and narrow passages may cause you quite a few sales. So make sure your store is optimally organized Retail chains are investing significant resources in shop designs, often uneven. Designers of stores take into account customer behavior, maximum product exposure for optimal viewing and to attract the gaze. But […]

Stuck in traffic? Turn the disadvantage of driving in your favor

The average time spent in cars of israelis is between one and three hours on the road every day. How can you take advantage of the dead time wisely? We have some ideas to improve your program. Somewhere in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin told us the famous saying: “In this world, nothing is certain […]

5 Tricks to Increase Profitability in Your Small Business

Are your sales disappointing ? We have some ideas that can help you put more money in the account The fundamental, albeit harsh rule of business in a capitalist economy is that if you cannot produce a profit, then you cannot survive. Many small business owners find themselves wondering why they sell so much relative […]